Making Klarna renowned for our customer obsession, service level, and operational efficiency.

We solidify Klarna’s smoooth shopping experience.

We know that innovative products and an engaging brand require the constant and consistent support of an organization obsessed with their customers. That is why the Service competence is all about customer obsession, empathy, communication, taking ownership, solving problem areas for the customer, and delivering quality every step of the way.

Our competence covers a broad range of service needs. We handle escalated customer cases from our 1st line partners. We administrate merchant onboarding and investigate potential fraud. We support internal teams with operational tasks around subjects such as people management, office operations and compliance screening.

We are staffed by diverse people from all backgrounds. Working together to push the boundaries of our customer obsession. We are early-career problem-solvers, who think before we act, ensuring Klarnas’ success daily by staying obsessed with our customers. Whether they be employees, consumers, or partners, we make sure to understand and guard their journeys with all we’ve got.

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