Welcome to Klarna Engineering!  We are a highly diverse team representing 35 countries from around the globe, who share a common obsession for providing our end users with a smoooth shopping experience.

We continuously solve tons of interesting problems, such as

  • developing the next generation of consumer apps, seamlessly combining payment, financing and post purchase customer care
  • providing a smoooth checkout experience for both large and small merchants that maximizes consumer experience
  • developing innovative payment options with unparalleled flexibility and convenience
  • designing cutting edge risk assessment and fraud detection solutions that work at world class speed and reliability
  • collecting, correlating and delivering millions of data points that feed our core services with relevant customer insights

We’re a social group who are able to rely on each other and connect not only through work related passions, but on multiple levels.  The same people, who crack these problems are also champion winning basketball players, passionate volunteers, seeded tennis players, acclaimed cooks, disillusioned artists and ardent book worms.  

So, ready to join the fun?  Check out our application journey and open positions below!

Your Application Journey

  • Getting Started....First Look

    Once you've applied we'll look at your experience, your education and your skills. We don’t make decisions based on the CV alone. We hire people, not paper, so we will also look at open source projects, blogs, publications and your activities on StackOverflow. If you are sending in a CV, feel free to let us know about anything you have done outside of your day to day work. You will hear back from one of our Recruiters regardless if we decide to proceed or not.

  • Logic Test

    We have a logical thinking test which is consisting of 18 questions, for which you have 15 minutes to complete. If you enjoy solving problems, we suspect you will enjoy this. In any case, please make sure that you take the test in a calm and quiet environment; the results of this test can impact your progression in the process.

  • Call with a Recruiter

    You will have a Skype call lasting around 30 minutes with one of our recruiters. We want to get to know more about you, your interests, motivation, ideal working environment and goals for the future. The Recruiter will of course give you an overview of the organisation, current projects, technologies we use and anything else you want to know about. They will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have!

  • Coding Test

    As part of our recruitment process, we will ask you to complete a short coding test online, which consists of 3 challenges. The test is not timed, but it typically takes 60-90 minutes to complete. You will have the flexibility to take the test whenever it is convenient to you, but you should remember that this is an important part of our decision on whether or not to invite you to the next phase of the interviewing process. Therefore, we would encourage you to carve out some quality time, in a setting where you can do your best.

  • Hiring Manager Interview (60 minutes)

    Hiring Managers know best what the relevant technical and managerial requirements are for the particular position for which you are interviewing. This is why your first interview will be with a Hiring Manager, who will focus on understanding what it is that ‘makes you tick’ as an software engineer and as a team member. You will discuss a mixture of technical and organizational topics, such as your views on testing, continuous deployment, agile methodologies, as well as your preferred ways of working and personal traits.

    If you are a local candidate, you can come by our office for this step. Otherwise, we will arrange this over Skype or Hangouts.

  • Initial Technical Interview 1 (60 minutes)

    The next interview will be with two of our Engineers, who will review with you your online coding test submission. They will ask you to introduce a relevant technical challenge that you have recently worked on, describing the main technologies used and the development process. The three of you will discuss your experience in test driven development and pair programming, some of the ways we work at Klarna. You will also work together on a short code refactoring exercise in a programming language you are comfortable with.

    Again, if you are a local candidate, you can come by our office for this step. Otherwise, we will arrange this over Skype or Hangouts.

    We aim to provide feedback promptly. If the feedback is positive, we will invite you to our headquarters in Stockholm for the final round of face to face interviews.

  • Final Round of Interviews

    If you are not a local candidate, we will fly you to Stockholm the day before your onsite interviews, so that you can  arrive for the final rounds relaxed.  This will also allow you to get a sneak-peek of the many amazing Stockholm sights before and after your sessions. If you are a local candidate, you will be greeted with a smile and some coffee in the morning at our headquarters.

    Your interview day is a step-by-step process, during which successful candidates will gradually progress through two technical interviews, and a final Engineering Manager interview that will focus on leadership and cultural issues.  There will be 30-minute breaks between these sessions to make sure that you can relax a bit.  There will be tea, coffee and fruits available, too, to recharge your batteries.  

    We encourage you to bring your laptop with you, as most candidates prefer to use their own equipment during the technical interviews.  However, should you not be able to do so, we will of course provide you with one.

    Technical Interview - Architecture (60 minutes)

    During this session, with two of our Engineers, we will ask you to put on your architect’s hat and design a large scale system with us. Don’t be afraid to grab a whiteboard pen to sketch out the architecture and help us visualise all the pieces. Try to think about all the components needed to build a large scale web system, ask clarifying questions and feel free to express your creativity.

    Technical Interview - Programming Session (60 minutes)

    In the other technical session, another two of our Engineers will challenge your problem solving and logical reasoning skills. You will be asked to solve a coding problem using the whiteboard and you are free to use whichever language you prefer.

    Final Engineering Manager Interview (60 minutes)

    Successful candidates will finish their onsite interviews with a final Engineering Manager discussion. In this session, you will discuss similar topics as in the initial Hiring Manager interview, albeit with a more senior person. Also, you will have an opportunity to understand how your role will contribute to Klarna’s ambitions, and why Klarna might be the ideal place for your career development.

Open Roles