We are a highly diverse team representing 35 countries from around the globe, who share a common obsession for providing our end users with a smoooth shopping experience.

We continuously solve tons of interesting problems, such as:

  • developing the next generation of consumer apps, seamlessly combining payment, financing and post purchase customer care
  • providing a smoooth checkout experience for both large and small merchants that maximizes consumer experience
  • developing innovative payment options with unparalleled flexibility and convenience
  • designing cutting edge risk assessment and fraud detection solutions that work at world class speed and reliability
  • collecting, correlating and delivering millions of data points that feed our core services with relevant customer insights

We’re a social group who are able to rely on each other and connect not only through work related passions, but on multiple levels. The same people, who crack these problems are also champion winning basketball players, passionate volunteers, seeded tennis players, acclaimed cooks, disillusioned artists and ardent book worms.

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