Berlin, Germany.

One of our biggest locations with an exceptional flow of talent making their way to the great city of Berlin.

Work in Berlin.

Welcome to the capital of Germany and the heart of Klarna’s biggest market. Berlin has long stood out as an international changemaker and that continues to be true in the work we’re doing here. Berlin is home to 2 Klarna offices and the second largest office within the company (after Stockholm). Berlin is a key engineering hub and hosts a large part of the innovation we’re able to offer to our customers and our constant mission to elevate the shopping experience. We’re looking for talent in Berlin, so if you want to work in a place that matches the vibrancy of this great city, look no further.

Competences in Berlin

Every Klarna office is staffed by a range of competences. It’s a reflection of the mission and focus of each location. Here are the core competences represented in Berlin.

Engineering in Berlin

Marketing in Berlin

Analytics in Berlin

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