Gießen, Germany.

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Welcome at the origin of SOFORT. We invented Sofortüberweisung, Pay Now, Klarna Open Banking, and much more…

We’re excited to have such an amazing office in Gießen. It is one of the most famous historic buildings in our region: the former telegraph office (Telegraphenamt) built in the 1920’s. We combined our top modern office setup with the historic walls of the building. The result is stunning. You have to see it with your own eyes...

Our office offers great benefits like a top modern working equipment, a fully equipped kitchen, a rooftop terrace, relax zones, and a BBQ. Reach the train, a bus, or a parking garage within a few minutes by foot or park your bicycle in the basement. Receive a mobility benefit to motivate you to use environmentally friendly public transport. Expect leading edge technology stacks, agile methodologies, and strong employee empowerment.

Competences in Gießen.

Every Klarna office is staffed by a range of competences. It’s a reflection of the mission and focus of each location. Here are the core competences represented in Gießen.

Engineering in Gießen

Product Management in Gießen

Talent Acquisition in Gießen

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