Lisbon, Portugal.

Olá Lisbon! We're about to open the doors to one of our newest locations in Europe!

Work in Lisbon.

Working at Klarna in Lisbon means enjoying the proximity to the North Atlantic Ocean, sunshine, and an average temperature of 21°C all year around.
The city itself, being the second oldest capital in Europe, is filled with tons of beautiful squares surrounded by romantic architecture, green areas, and authentic restaurants serving traditional Portuguese food. Living and working here, we can almost say for certain, will make you want to be constantly on the lookout for the next fantastic spot with a picturesque view across the city and water.

Our office space is centrally located, making it easy to commute to by public transport. We offer many flexible seating areas, plenty of fully equipped workstations, and meeting rooms. Whether you choose to come by for an in-person meeting with your colleagues, to find a quiet spot to focus, or just to enjoy one of our weekly Fikas with coffee, our office makes the ideal space for your day-to-day journey with us.

Competences in Lisbon

Every Klarna office is staffed by a range of competences. It’s a reflection of the mission and focus of each location. Here are the core competences represented in Lisbon.

Business Development in Lisbon

Analytics in Lisbon

Engineering in Lisbon

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