Madrid, Spain.

One of the latest additions to the Klarna Group with unlimited growth potential.

Work in Madrid.

Klarna is constantly on the lookout for talents. In fact, we’re looking to hire 100s of engineers and qualified professionals just in Madrid. This means that Klarna is scaling up from a small already existing commercial office - into a global product development hub. Just like we did in Stockholm, Berlin, Giessen, and our latest success story Milan.

Klarna aims to equip the Madrid hub with multiple competences - including engineering, product management, design, data science, and analytics. This equals an opportunity for you to work in cross-functional teams and to shape the Madrid tech hub from the very start.

Competences in Madrid.

Every Klarna office is staffed by a range of competences. It’s a reflection of the mission and focus of each location. Here are the core competences represented in Madrid.

Engineering in Madrid

Talent Acquisition in Madrid

Solutions & Delivery in Madrid

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