Milan, Italy.

Our newest product development hub in Milan will continue elevating our services and customer experience.

Work in Milan.

Klarna made waves in early 2020 with the announcement of a 4th product development hub to be established in the Italian powerhouse of Milan. Our stylish and comfortable office is located in the heart of Milan’s historic center, just a few minutes walk from the Fashion District and the new iconic Porta Nuova business center. Aided by the acquisition of Moneymour and their underwriting know-how, we intend to scale rapidly within multiple competences including engineering, product management, and data science in order to continue developing world-class products. The addition of the product development hub in Milan expands our capacity to adapt and respond to the challenges and needs of our customers like never before.

Competences in Milan.

Every Klarna office is staffed by a range of competences. It’s a reflection of the mission and focus of each location. Here are the core competences represented in Milan.

Engineering in Milan

Product Management in Milan

Data Science in Milan

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