Daniel Jontén.

At Klarna, I’m surrounded by overachievers.

Klarna Marketing Daniel Jonten

Vice President Marketing - I'm responsible for building awareness for the Klarna brand and generating consumer demand for our smoooth products.

My path.

I joined Klarna in late 2017 because I was asked to help move and re-define Klarna from a B2B driven payment solution to a consumer-oriented inspirational brand. I started off with 3 direct reports in something we called the B2C team. We quickly expanded into a new Brand domain, focused on elevating and defining our brand identity as a company. The most recent change was to focus our B2C efforts by aligning regional and central teams into one domain that I currently lead. The growth and investment into the domain reflects an understanding of the importance of branding and the position Klarna has taken on as a trailblazer in our industry.

Working at Klarna.

Success at work is all about people. You can’t underestimate the power of being surrounded by overachievers who challenge you on a daily basis, on all levels. It’s refreshing. I’m lucky to be able to meet and work with all kinds of hungry, driven people from within my domain and beyond. It makes me better and it makes everyone else better.

Something I’m unreasonably passionate about.

Potentially football? But maybe more unhealthy than unreasonable! I don't know many people in Sweden that spend late nights on re-runs of an FA-cup game like Bury-Luton. It's an art form that gets way too little attention if you're asking me.

A day in my life.

Wake up and wake everyone else up.Screen my inbox.Scan all chats and emails that I wasn’t able to get to throughout the day.
Put some morning tunes on.Catch up on some industry-related news.Get everyone to bed.
Conduct team reviews with the domain support group to review progress.Check-in with our Head of Communications.Finally prep for some wind-down time and relaxation.

3 takes on Klarna.

My favorite Leadership Principle is...

a tie between Customer Obsession and Let the team shine because it’s all about the people. The people we create for and the people doing the creating.

The best task of the day is ..

grabbing some facetime with my teams & colleagues to check in on how things are going and understand their challenges.

I’d describe my team as...

unreasonable. All of them. It’s a quality we cherish around here.

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