Matt Smith.

There's a joke among some of my friends that I use the word "interesting" far too much and far too sincerely.

Klarna Engineering Matt Smith

Senior Engineer - as a part of the Media domain, we strengthen Klarnas offer within monetization, ads and affiliate services.

My path: Relocating from Manchester to Stockholm.

After 6 years of working for the same company, I wanted to work in a different way, in a different culture - one that wasn't so corporate and restrictive. I got a lot of emails from recruiters asking me if I was interested in working for whatever company they represented, but I couldn't really find a match. Then, a recruiter reached out and explained how Klarna works, and I was particularly pleased to hear about the operating model. I got even more excited when I found out that they would help relocate me to Stockholm.

From then, things were surprisingly straight-forward. I booked my flight over to Stockholm which Klarna paid for. Next, I had video call with someone who would help me ship all my belongings to Stockholm. Then, I had to sort out where I would live in Stockholm. My relocation contact organised for me to live in temporary accommodation for 30 days, and also sent me loads of information about the city. Me and my girlfriend moved into the temporary apartment and spent our evenings exploring Stockholm. It only took about 2 weeks for my relocation contact to find a beautiful apartment in the Vasastan district. I moved in about a week later, and all my belongings arrived a few days after that. I'm now happily living in my apartment in Vasastan and enjoying the Swedish life.

Working at Klarna.

My journey started as a Domain Architect, which means that you’re effectively responsible for helping multiple teams design and develop their solutions, while making sure that they’re compliant with laws, regulations and the internal standards of Klarna. I enjoyed it… for a while. After a few weeks, I became bored and stressed. The problem was that I hadn’t written a single line of code or provisioned a single server. After a discussion with my Competence Lead (manager), I am now writing a service for the Affiliate Monetization team during half of the time which suits me perfectly.

Something I’m unreasonably passionate about.

There's a joke among some of my friends that I use the word "interesting" far too much and far too sincerely. It could be as simple as how a door lock works, or making Lego sets. It could also be as complicated as how we organise within a company, or a weirdly niche maths formula.

Actually, I just remembered that dogs exist - so I'll change my answer to dogs.

How I’d describe Klarna to a friend …

We are making banking-, payment- and shopping software for customers all over the world … and the CEO wears a t-shirt and jeans around the office.

The biggest misconception about Klarna is …

That we're all a bunch of money-grabbing capitalists.

The culture at Klarna is ...

International but also very Swedish. In all the ways that can be imagined.

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