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You and me?
We’re both in the business of smoooth.

For over a decade, we’ve helped businesses create the best possible shopping experiences for their customers. Great customer experiences mean higher sales and happier customers. With Klarna, making a purchase is pure joy, and managing your business is easier than ever.

Now that’s smoooth.

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Smoooth is… the happiest customers.

Smoooth is all about creating the best possible customer experiences for your customers, and for our customers (that’s you). We help you offer painless purchasing and true choice for your audience. That means more loyal customers, with higher spends. Happy customer. Happy you.

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Smoooth is… having your back.

Our “Risk Free” guarantee means you’ll get paid, even if your customers don’t pay us. With Klarna you have a partner taking privacy and GDPR seriously, so you don't have to worry about anything else than your own operations. We worry about that, so you can focus on your business. Work with us, and sleep easy at night.

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Smoooth is… always facing forward.

We spend our days exploring what retail businesses will need in the future, so when you’re ready for the next step – whether that be physical stores, going international, virtual reality banking (is that a thing yet?) or even just making it work on the new iPhone, we're ready too. Klarna are your partner for the future.

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Different products for different needs.

No matter what you sell, our products are designed to give your customers the best experience, your developers an easy life, and you a warm sense of satisfaction. They just work. Our products help you online, face to face, and offer true choice in payments.

A smoooth integration on any platform

If javascript sounds more like coffee than code, work with one of many platforms who already support Klarna for an effortless way to start working with us.

No matter what product you choose, you will always get:

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The consumer app

Allow customers to take control over their personal finances with easy-to-use features enriching the shopping experience.

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The merchant portal

You will get access to a backend in which you can manage everything Klarna.

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No risk, for you or your customers

You will always get paid and the customer is covered by Klarna's Buyers Protection.

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Global products, local faces

All products are built to be adapted to local preferences and legislations. Also, we have local support for you and your customers.

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Single integration, integrated once

After having integrated Klarna, the products will be automatically updated without you lifting a finger.

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Klarna as a marketing tool

You will get access to marketing material that you can use in your marketing initiatives. E.g. the “As low as” aspects is usually popular to promote.

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