Avoiding holiday hustles: Klarna’s guide to outsmarting online scams.

21 November 2023 - 1 min read





It’s that time of the year again – the twinkling lights, the scent of gingerbread, and the rush to find the perfect gifts. But amidst the festive cheer, there’s a less joyful reality: online scams on the rise. Fraudsters love Christmas and the holiday period where they are able to prey on even more unsuspecting shoppers eagerly hunting for deals. To keep you safe and your holiday season merry (and scam-free), here are some crucial tips on how to stay safe while shopping online.

Stay one step ahead: tips for staying safe while shopping online

  1. Verify the website:
    Before making any purchase, ensure the website is legitimate. Look for the padlock symbol in the address bar and check for ‘https’ in the URL. These indicators signify a secure connection.

  2. Use trusted payment methods:
    Stick to well-known and secure payment methods. Klarna, for instance, ensures your financial information is protected and only provided to us, rather than relying on every retailer you share it with having appropriate security measures, reducing the risk of fraud.

  3. Check for reviews:
    Before committing to a purchase, check for reviews of the website or seller. Legitimate businesses will have a track record of satisfied customers. Trustpilot is a great place to find these!

  4. Beware of too-good-to-be-true deals:
    If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Scammers often lure victims in with unrealistically low prices. Trust your instincts and do some additional research.

  5. Watch out for phishing emails:
    Be cautious of unexpected emails with enticing offers or urgent messages. Verify the sender’s email address, and avoid clicking on suspicious links.

  6. Keep software updated:
    Regularly update your device’s software and security applications. This helps protect against known vulnerabilities that scammers might exploit.

If the worst happens and you’ve fallen victim to an online scam, don’t be embarrassed; scams during the holidays can be varied and cunning. The most important thing is to take swift action by freezing your bank card, contacting your bank and the retailer, and reporting the incident. Stay vigilant, regularly monitor your accounts, and consider enabling additional security measures for online transactions. Remember, you’re not alone – seek support and take control of the situation.

This holiday season, let Klarna be your trusted ally against online scams. Stay vigilant, follow these safety tips, and enjoy a stress-free, secure shopping experience. As you navigate the digital marketplace, remember: your security is our priority at Klarna.

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