Sweater sitting on chair
Sweater sitting on chair

Shop consciously with Klarna.

Try our conscious shopping tools and read our tips on how to extend the life of your items.

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Reuse, Repair, Recycle, Repeat.

Extend the life of your garments.

care label from H&M

Read the care labels.

Different materials need different care. Pay attention to care labels on your clothing and footwear. They provide important information about washing, drying, and ironing instructions specific to the fabric or material.

Pile of sweaters

Wash less.

Jeans, sweaters, and other items that aren't visibly soiled can often be worn multiple times before needing a wash. Tip: Denim gets better with age so next time look for a second-hand pair of jeans.

Flowers in pocket

Care for natural fibers.

Natural fibers like wool and silk require special care. Hand wash or use the delicate cycle with cold water and mild detergent. Avoid wringing or twisting to prevent stretching.

Stain removal pen

Use a stain removal pen.

Keep a stain remover pen in your bag for dealing with those pesky stains you didn't ask for – it's like a superhero for your clothes.

Sewing machine

Pick up some basic mending skills.

Instead of throwing away your clothes, learn a new skill. Sew loose buttons, mend small holes and buy a cashmere comb for your delicate items to prolong their life in your wardrobe.

Beige hiugh-heels

Give your shoes some regular cleaning love.

Make sure to clean your shoes often to stop dirt and stains from getting comfy. Use a soft brush or cloth to wipe off dirt and a suitable cleaner for more stubborn stains.

Clothes on hangers

Store properly.

Top priority: give your clothes a good clean before stashing them away. Level up your hanger game and opt for quality ones. When hanging, go for wooden or cushioned hangers to keep your pieces in shape. Pop your shoes and bags into dust bags – a smart move to shield them from dirt and keep them nice and dry.

Outfit with yellow tulip

Rotate your wardrobe.

Let your clothes, shoes, and accessories take turns. Swap them out every so often. When you switch things up, you're giving them a longer lifespan by easing up on the wear and tear

Upcycled cardigan

Upcycle what you've got.

Let your inner design guru shine and spruce up an old pair of sneakers with new colorful laces or decorate an old jacket with accessories that reflect your personality.

Recycling box

Recycle what you don't wear.

Keep your pre-loved clothes in use and out of the landfill by finding a recycling station that will sustainably manage the process for you.

Shop conscious brands.

At Klarna, we believe that conscious shopping should be effortless, helping you make better shopping choices. We have partnered with Good On You, one of fashion’s most trusted sustainability ratings platform, to help you find more conscious fashion brands. Shop brands that have been rated 4 (Good) or 5 (Great) by Good on You.

The North face
Nudie Jeans
Stella McCartney

Tempted to buy new?

Here are a few tips to consider to help you shop smarter and more consciously.


Is the product you’re looking for available second hand? Remember that you can always buy pre-loved and extend the life cycle of already existing products. Find brands that offer pre-loved items here.


If you don’t find what you’re looking for second hand, ask yourself if you already have something at home that can serve the same purpose.


If you’re buying clothes, do you have pieces at home that go with the new garment or would this item only lead to more buys?


Is it a timeless product that you’ll be able to use for years? Remember, items live longer than trends.

Shop preowned and refurbished.

Rather shop pre-owned? Instead of buying new, give products a second life. Discover brands and retailers that offer pre-owned and refurbished products.



Discover secondhand marketplaces and give products a second life.



Save money and shop responsibly at the same time. Discover restored old prodicst brought to life.

Shop Circular

Shop Circular.

Shop smart by discovering brands that offer circular services to reduce waste and extend life of products.

Get insights and contribute to circular economy.

Track your estimated CO₂e footprint

Track your estimated CO₂e footprint.

Get CO₂e emissions tracking for everything you shop with Klarna, straight from the app. Know your impact so you can shop smarter.


Resell with Klarna.

Reselling should be easy. With Klarna you’ll have a prefilled listing just a few clicks away.

Learn more.

Sustainability at Klarna

Sustainability at Klarna.

Are you curious to learn about Klarna's sustainability efforts?

Clarity AI

Clarity AI assessed brands.

Explore electronic brands environmental efforts.

Buy It For Life

Buy It For Life.

Shop smart. Klarna and Reddit unveil the most popular Buy It for Life items of 2023.

Climate solutions

Climate solutions.

Learn about Klarna's alternative approach to climate action.

Pledge to the planet

Pledge to the planet.

We've committed 1% of all funding rounds since 2021.

Learn more about Sustainability at Klarna.

Find out more about Klarna's holistic approach to ESG in our latest 2022 ESG Report.

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