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Flexible payments

Pay later gets you paid.

Get paid upfront while your customers pay at a later date. Letting your customer Pay later with Klarna is the smooothest way to increase sales and average order value.


How it works

Enhances the full shopping experience.

On the product page

The shopper sees her options to spread the cost or try before she buys, making the purchase decision easier.

In the checkout

In the checkout, the customer decides to Pay later with Klarna easily confirms the order.

After the purchase

The purchase is managed easily online or in our app. Usually, it’s totally automatic.

Explore the different ways customers Pay later.

You can easily add any or all of these payment methods to your checkout.

Pay later in 30 days

A free payment delay so customers can try before they buy.

Pay later in 3 instalments

An interest-free instalment plan for customers who want an alternative to credit.

Slice it

Longer-term instalments to make larger purchases possible for your customers.

Easy sign up and set up.

Get up and running on popular platforms like Shopify and Woocommerce. Pay later is available on almost every e-commerce platform, and only takes a few minutes to start accepting payments.

Customers love it.

Pay later takes care of the customer from the point of sale to the final payment. Below is the result of a modern end-to-end payment solution and strong focus on customer care.


would revisit a retailer that offers Pay later.*


would recommend Pay later to a friend.*

* Klarna customer survey 2018

Zero risk for your business.

With Klarna, you always get paid upfront, even if the customer pays us over time. Also, your business is fully protected from fraud and credit risk. Your customers are protected, too, thanks to our pre-authorization process and buyer’s protection policy.

More insights about your customers.

With access to customizable key metrics, you can stop guessing and improve selling. Your sales performance, high-level down to the key details. Get the answers on your dashboard.

Single integration, automatic updates.

After integrating any of our services you will have a hands off experience, while enjoying an always up-to-date checkout. We run countless tests and optimize for business performance and customer satisfaction every day across thousands of retailers.


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More ways to sell.

Klarna Checkout

A complete online checkout solution including identification and payments.

Instore checkout

Bring Pay later options to customers visiting your physical store.

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