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Millennial guide to budgeting.

Festive spending: Planning and enjoying Christmas on a budget.

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5 ways to get your own home.

Ten tips to quickly create an emergency fund.

A guide to happy shopping.

3 bad money habits and how to break them.

Easy ways to improve your money memory.

Pensions explained: how to invest for the future.

Unpicking the jargon around credit.

Going freelance? Here’s how to take charge of your cash.

Ethical spending: small changes to make your spending better for the environment.

Why are so many of us scared to check our bank balances?

Welcome to ‘The Extra O’.

Klarna Mythbusters.

How to shop smart in 2020.

Does Klarna impact my credit score?

How to manage your money with the Klarna App.

The Basics of Personal Finance.

Klarna kicks off February with smoooth sessions event: a future gazing edition.

How to get on top of your finances.

Behind the scenes with Hypebeast.

What affects your credit score?

Klarna and Olivia Rubin team up for an exciting collaboration at London Fashion Week 2020.

Why am I being charged fees for using Instalments with my Credit Card?

How To Borrow Sensibly.

Get what you love on Leap Day.

Why You Should Be Investing – And How To Start.

How to retire in your 30s.

Interview with Lara Oyesanya, Legal Director at Klarna.

Interview with Bea Åkerlund, Founder of The Residency Experience

Interview with Georgia Hardinge, Founder of Georgia Hardinge.

Interview with Aoife Houlihan, Vice President Communications at Klarna.

Interview with Marisa Hordern, Founder & Creative Director at Missoma.

Interview with Joanna Dai, Founder & CEO at DAI.

Interview with Victoria Watmough, Commercial Director at Klarna.

Interview with Katherine Holmgren, Co-founder of Galvan London.

Interview with Jane Wilson, Head of International Trading at Gymshark.

What To Look For When Renting.

Introducing additional reminders!

Tesco Bank credit card block.

Coronavirus: help and support.

Inspiration: Get a good night's sleep.

Klarna turns 15

Inspiration: At-home workouts.

Klarna wins the Epic Brands award.

Let’s celebrate retailers helping the community.

Inspiration: Self-care 101.

Improving your finances through progress, not perfection.

Introducing One-Time Passwords.

Disrupting customer acquisition post-COVID-19 and beyond.

Inspiration: Put your best foot forward.

Merchant Monday: Welcome to the family.

Klarna pledges to support the frontline response to COVID-19 with ASOS Giveback Day.

Money saving tips for new parents.

Influencers’ verdict: What online shopping will look like in 2021

What the new FCA rules mean for you.

Inspiration: Comfy home essentials.

Merchant Monday: Banish the bank holiday blues.

How we’re reshaping the world of finance.

How to manage your money in times of uncertainty.

Shopping trends: How Brits are adapting to life in lockdown.

Inspiration: Keep the kids busy.

Merchant Monday: Bring the outdoors in.

Planning a post-lockdown getaway? Get the most out of your cash overseas.

Smoooth Sessions - Fast tracking retail recovery.

Merchant Monday: It's beauty week!

Hot on everyone’s lips, legendary make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury has launched with Klarna.

Inspiration: Give good face.

Eight 2020 Beauty trends you can still embrace during lockdown with Beauty Bay.

Klarna consumers help shape smoooth shopping.

Morphe blog: Day to night makeup with Glamour by Suzy.

Inspiration: Upgrade your picnic.

Marketing Insider: The value of ideas with Laurel Wolfe and 11:FS.

How retailers are fast-tracking recovery after the COVID-19 crisis.

Overcoming financial anxiety.

Inspiration: Good hair days.

Merchant Monday: Step into summer.

Finding Financial 'App-iness

How we protect our customers and prevent fraud.

Inspiration: Get in gear.

Merchant Monday: Gearing up for the week.

Seven cycling to work essentials with Condor Cycles.

Why you should immediately be hopping on an electric bike with Raleigh Bikes.

Meet the team behind Quella Bikes.

Inspiration: Daddy, Daddy Cool.

CNBC selects Klarna among top five most disruptive companies globally

How does Klarna prevent fraud?

Klarna is Proud to announce…

Inspiration: WFH made simple.

Klarna Comment: BNPL Regulation Campaign.

Footasylum's Top 10.

Sneaker lovers unite . . . with your heartbeat!

Behind the scenes of Heartbeats 4 sneakers.

Klarna’s tribute to the global sneakerhead community.

¡Hola amigos! Klarna expands to Spain and Belgium in new markets push.

Tune in to Sneakerbeats.TV

The psychology of shopping.

How to build an investment wardrobe in 3 steps with Yasmin Fatollahy.

The top 3 must have items for a capsule wardrobe with Domain Esdale.

3 minutes with Alex Vanthournout founder of Fashercise.

Three rules I live by when designing a product with Tom Gozney.

3 reasons to manage your money through the Klarna App.

Inspiration: Top-rated running shoes.

3 ways we check you can afford to use Klarna.

3 reasons why using Klarna is the smartest way to shop online.

Inspiration: In the nude.

An update on our goal to become carbon neutral

Inspiration: Throwing shade.

How to contact Klarna if you are struggling to pay.

Inspiration: Summer skincare.

Introducing Personal Finance Management.

120,000 signed up with their heartbeats for the chance to win exclusive sneakers.

Inspiration: Staycation must-haves.

Ted Baker and Klarna to offer customers flexible payment solutions.

Inspiration: Put the glam in glamping.

Inspiration: Festival fashion favourites.

Get the party started with Klarnival.

Here’s how Klarna is helping consumers to #Shoplocal.

Welcome to Klarnival! Klarna launches virtual festival.

Which group of shoppers were the fastest growing for Klarna during lockdown?

Inspiration: Almost too cool for school.

Why 35,000 new retailers have joined Klarna this year.

Klarna named to CB Insights Fintech 250 for 3rd consecutive year.

Introducing social shopping!

New retailers, just landed.

Dreamy shoes is what most shoppers are wishing for.

Klarna is one of the UK’s 10 most loved financial services brands.

Klarna comment: Xbox pre-order launch.

Introducing the Vogue Shopping Weekend x Klarna.

Klarna Comment: What to do for Xbox queries.

Invincible shoes and a kickass suit: how our purchases reflect our identity.

Klarna comment: Xbox update.

3 ways Klarna protects you whilst shopping online.

Klarna comment: Xbox final update.

Clothes love all.

Klarna unveils new campaign with Tan France championing inclusivity and demonstrating that fashion is for everyone.

Klarna Comment: Unexpected Newsletter.

Behind the scenes of Clothes love all.

New retailers, just landed.

Coats and boots – this is what UK consumers wish for.

New retailers, just landed.

Klarna launches research lab to explore the future of shopping.

Interview with Eleanore Chetcuti, Head of Brand at Missguided.

Interview with Melanie Marsden, Founder and Chief Brand Officer at Lounge Underwear.

Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie partners with Klarna ahead of peak.

The mailbox is dead. Long live the modular mailbox.

New retailers, just landed.

Nine-in-ten are yet to complete their Christmas shopping in a year like no other.

3 reasons why using a Klarna wish list is the smartest way to shop this Christmas.

Klarna comment: The Arcadia Group administration.

Klarna Marketing, from the inside with AJ Coyne.

The time is right for regulation.

The questions on your lips - how does Klarna make money?

Tryzens x Klarna: Making eCommerce easier.

Klarna’s data reveal what people wish for Christmas.

Pandora tops the list as the ultimate Christmas gift in new Klarna research.

Klarna comment: ASA rules against four Klarna social media posts.

New retailers, just landed.

Klarna comment: Brexit.

Five modern “shopper tribes” retailers should know.

Klarna help and support for the Coronavirus national lockdown.

Klarna supports CALM this January.

Why Klarna supports regulation.

This week's curated collections: Mind, body and soul.

Taking the time to invest in you.

10 tips to scale your e-commerce business, fast.

Why Klarna is essential for shopping in 2021.

The January hot list.

This week's curated collections: The Small Screen.

Working with retailers to promote Klarna responsibly.

New retailers, just landed.

Klarna comment: FCA Woolard review of regulation.

Ann Summers hits sweet spot with Klarna.

We’re feeling the love!

Klarna comment: How we encourage responsible spending.

Hot Futures creates cool experiences with Vend & Klarna.

This week's curated collections: Stay at home essentials.

Marrying online acquisition power to your brick and mortar.

The February hot list.

Belstaff hits campaign trail with Klarna.

A new tack for the flag-ship.

Klarna’s Consumer Council goes virtual for 2021

New retailers, just landed.

This week's curated collections: Mother's Day gifting.

Klarnaut of the Month: Daisy Anderson.

What is 1% of $1bn? It's our new sustainability commitment.

Celebrating Women's History Month with Dress For Success™

Smoooth Sessions - The future of selling.

Klarna launches Influencer Council to provide greater clarity on guidelines as more Brits turn to social media for financial guidance.

Klarna calls upon the BNPL industry to update their checkouts for greater transparency.

Problem solving with Kate Morris, Founder and Director of Adore Beauty.

Catching up with Anna Singh, Founder of Chinti & Parker.

Talking business with Camilla Giesecke, Chief Expansion Officer CeXO at Klarna.

Feeling empowered with Natalia Brzezinski, Head of Strategy at Klarna US.

Building a rocket ship with Megan Gokey, Head of B2C Marketing at Klarna USA.

Getting to know Tanya Weller, Director of Samsung Showcase, KX.

Feeling inspired with Jacqueline Gold, CEO at Ann Summers.

Let's talk sustainable fashion with Sacha Newall, Founder of MyWardrobeHQ.

Learning the ropes with Olivia Rubin, Founder of Olivia Rubin.

Feeling empowered with Nina Mohanty, Card Strategy & Expansion at Klarna.

BNPL and the new economic landscape.

This week's curated collections: Box fresh.

The March hot list.

Klarna Influencer Council launches with lively first session.

Achieving an 80% new customer acquisition rate with Osprey.

New retailers, just landed.

Klarna comment: The real reason banks are 'speaking out' against buy now pay later.

Home to in-store teleportation heels? Well, maybe not yet.

Klarna Influencer Council regroups for session two

5 tactics for humanising the commerce experience with Space48.

Klarnaut of the Month: Ellen Merrett.

Klarnaut of the Month: Kristina Bielskyte.

This week's curated collections: Beauty on a budget.

Buy Now, Pay Later is a crucial tool in the post-lockdown recovery.

Transparency and responsibility - poignant points from The Influencer Council’s third session.

Everything hair with Adam Reed.

In the debate about buy now pay later, facts and context are sadly lacking.

Introducing Klarna's #GiveOne Initiative.

New retailers, just landed.

3 pandemic trends that are shaping the future of selling.

The April hot list.

Klarna is growing in the UK! We’re moving our London HQ and expanding in Manchester.

Consumers deserve better credit and up-to-date regulation.

Discover the truth: Klarna is for more than just fashionistas.

Discover the truth: With responsibility, Klarna is for everyone.

Discover the truth: Nothing is free, not even through Klarna.

Discover the truth: Klarna doesn’t make money from hidden fees.

Discover the truth: We are different but not too pink to be trustworthy.

Discover the truth: We are one of Europe’s largest banks.

Discover the truth: Klarna lends responsibly.

Getting creative with Ignasi Monreal.

Online or in-store shopping? That is the question.

From IRL to URL: how retailers are embracing virtual shopping.

Influencer Council: the final stretch! Highlights from Session Four.

Feeling optimistic about your financial future? You’re not alone!

More needs to be done to loosen the grip of the large banks.

Klarna ads are clear and concise. What about credit cards?

The inevitable decline of the credit card.

10 things you didn’t know about buy now pay later.

New retailers, just landed.

Klarnaut of the Month: Amanda Sadler.

How Cox & Cox opened up lucrative demographics with Klarna.

Retailers must get returns right.

4 tactics to scale your eCommerce business quickly.

Detailed incident report: Incorrect Cache Configuration leading to Klarna App Exposing Personal Information

May 27 incident report

Introducing a game-changing new shopping feature.

The state of returns in 2021: insights from our latest report.

How to create an Insta-worthy house for less.

Insights from our Summer Smoooth Sessions 🛍️

In the bag: winner of the Klarna Beauty Industry Disruptor Award.

10 financial terms that everyone should know

It’s time for the old banks to face facts.

Klarnaut of the Month: Jordan Hart.

From URL to IRL, let's talk instore.

How to future-proof your ecommerce store: 3 questions to ask yourself.

Top mortgage tips from Topsy

People have many reasons for using credit; we make sure it doesn’t cost them.

The June hot list.

New retailers, just landed.

Klarnaut of the Month: Camilla Sanders.

Mr Porter’s lessons on navigating the next normal.

Understanding the true cost of “traditional” credit.

Klarnaut of the Month: Fraser Bissett

We’re ready to go back to normal life, cautiously. 

Klarnaut of the Month: Holly Whittle.

New retailers, just landed.

Alternative Airlines MD, Sam Argyle on reaching new heights post pandemic.

How does Klarna really work?

Kathryn's Director, Kathryn Stuart on customer obsession and bringing a small luxury boutique online.

How to: Pay in 3 anywhere.

Klarnauts re-unite! Welcome to the face-to-face family.

The questions on your lips - What’s the truth behind BNPL and mortgage applications?

How to: Get pushy with it.

New retailers, just landed.

5 Steps to Smarter Email Marketing.

Small business owner, George Greenhill, on going from student start-up to nationwide distribution business.

How to: Find it. Love it. Share it.

How to uncover the hidden ROI of activate customer communities.

A day in the life of a Klarna Intern.

How to: Hit that snooze button.

How to: Never pay full price again.

Insider tips to making ecommerce experiences ‘magnetic’.

Maximising Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other sales periods.

New retailers, just landed.

How open banking can take consumer credit to the next level.

How to network like a pro.

Information about the disturbances to Klarna’s payment methods in Europe on October 2, 2021

How does Klarna protect you against fraud?

Setting up your social for success.

Detailed incident report: Disturbances to Klarna’s payment methods in Europe on October 2, 2021

Peak planning: Get ready for the shopping season with Klarna CSS.

Klarna comment: Buy Now Pay Later and credit products cannot be used on gambling sites. 

Seven simple steps to building a great local journey with Global-e.

Klarna Comment: HM Treasury consultation regarding regulation of BNPL. 

New retailers, just landed.

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We have received two e-mails regarding our company’s beneficial owners, but have only answered one of them. Do we need to answer both?

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I am not able to supply information regarding our company’s beneficial owners. Can you request this information form my colleague instead?

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How do we update our contact details?

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How do we generate summary reports?

When do we receive the payment for our sales?

How do we send an updated invoice which the customer has disputed?

How do we remove goods and register partial refunds in the Merchant Portal?

What should we do if a customer disputes their statement?

We are waiting for a return - what should we do with the invoice?

The customer is wondering how much is left to pay. What should we answer?

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How do we update the address on the statement?

How do we send an updated statement which the customer disputed?

How do we resend an updated statement to the customer?

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What data is used by UK banks and financial institutions in their lending decisions?

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What if I never use the One-time card and want to cancel it?

Why was my One-time card purchase declined?

How can I change my email address?

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Is there a limit on Klarna?

Why can't I pay with Klarna anymore?

What is a credit search?

Does Klarna send my information to the Credit Reference Agencies (CRA)?

How do I make a payment?

How can I schedule automatic payments for my Financing account?

What happens after I‘ve reported my problem?

What’s the status of the investigation into my problem?

How long does it take for my problem to be solved?

My problem has been solved, what should I do?

Why was the investigation of my problem closed, even though my problem has not been solved yet?

What should I do if the store doesn’t respond?

My return hasn’t been registered, what should I do?

What happens when I report a return?

Can I change my return after it’s been reported?

How do I return my order?

Customer Service

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How is my data protected when I connect my bank account?

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What’s the status of the investigation of my return?

How long does it take for my return to be registered?

Why was the investigation of my return closed, even though my return hasn't been registered yet?

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