Mar 13, 20201 min read

Introducing additional reminders!

Katy Green portrait

by Katy Green

At Klarna we are customer obsessed and it’s our mission to ensure that everyone has the smoothest shopping experience from the point of purchase to payment.

We regularly speak to customers and look on social media to see what people are saying. You wanted more reminders, so here you have it! From this week, our Pay 30 days later product has two new reminders to make it that little bit easier for you to keep track.

What’s new?

Klarna will now:

  • Send you a text on the day your payment is due
  • Send a push notification the day before your payment is due, for everyone who has the Klarna app

Don’t forget to take advantage of the best Klarna experience, download our App, it’s the easiest way to see all your Klarna orders in one place, report a return and pay for your orders. We also have a handy Snooze feature for when you aren’t quite ready to pay. Snooze gives you an extra 10 days free of charge, with no interest and no late payment fees (if Pay in 3 Instalments or Pay in 30 days products were used)!