Jul 28, 20202 min read

Introducing Personal Finance Management.

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by Katy Green

Managing your money doesn’t have to be time consuming and to make life simple, we’re excited to introduce personal finance management, a brand new feature to the Klarna App.

What’s new?

Spending insights.

Ever wondered what you’re spending your money on, where you shop most or if you should cut back? If the answer is yes, we’re pleased to introduce you to our new feature which allows you to view all of your Klarna purchases for the past 6 months in one dashboard.

Visit the ‘purchases’ tab and all your shopping, whether in-store or online is viewable in one handy place. We’ve also divided your spending into categories such as beauty, travel, clothing so you can keep an eye on what you’re spending over a period of time.

To find out what you spend the most on, or with which brands, all your large purchases are listed separately when you scroll to the bottom of the screen.

Personal finance mangement klarna app

Set a monthly budget.

Setting a budget is one of the easiest ways to keep on top of your spending. We are pleased to introduce a new feature that allows you to set yourself a monthly budget.

Visit the purchases tab in the Klarna app where you can now set yourself a budget. Not sure what level to set? Take a look at the previous 6 months in the graph and work out what you think your limit should be. Don’t worry, we will still check your eligibility each time you make a Klarna purchase, so setting yourself a high limit will not mean that you can spend this amount if we don’t think you can afford it (find out more here).

Budgeting Klarna App

If you’ve never set a budget before, and are not sure how to work out the best budget for yourself, we’ve got some great tips on our Mindful Money site such as ‘Budgeting 101’ – A step-by-step guide.’ and ‘Millennial guide to budgeting.

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