Primer is the world's first automation platform for payments. Any merchant can now add Klarna to their checkout in just a few clicks—all without code.

Add Klarna to your checkout in clicks, not code.

Primer is the world's first automation platform for payments. You can now enable Klarna and any other payment service in a few clicks—no code needed.

Set up Klarna in minutes

Click to enable Klarna in your Primer dashboard. Paste in your credentials. Toggle 'on' Klarna in the Checkout Builder—and you're live!

Control how you sell with Klarna

Create conditions based on country, customer and metadata. Choose whether to show or hide Klarna at your checkout.

A unified checkout

With a completely unified checkout and payments integration, Primer lets you truly consolidate your payments stack. You can also add APIs and tools from across the web to build dynamic end-to-end payment flows for the first time.

Primer x Klarna connections

Expand your payments stack with clicks, not code.

Any third-party integration can be a connection—from processors, payment methods and fraud prevention, to KYC services, BI tools, communications platforms and more.
Primer x Klarna checkout

The world's most open, modular checkout.

A super customisable, dynamic, PCI Level 1-compliant checkout for web and mobile. Installed via plugins or 2-lines of code. All configured via Dashboard and powered by Workflows.
Primer x Klarna workflows

Complete end-to-end payment flows for the first time.

A beautiful drag-and-drop interface with advanced settings, and routing on an individual payment method basis.
Primer x Klarna snapshots

Full visibility of your entire payment stack.

Primer is flexible, and easy to use. Get consolidated reporting and actionable insights across your processors, payment methods and other services.

What's included:

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Market availability
Primer is available wherever Klarna is available
Payment methods available
Pay Now by direct debit, Pay Later or Financing. Availability depends on the customer's country
Payments Methods API
Automatic updates
Klarna Buyer Protection
Depending on your contract with Klarna
Payment confirmation
Unified reporting on the Primer dashboard
Max payment delay
Payouts that align with your Klarna setup
Local adaptation
All products are built to be adapted to local preferences and legislations.
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Standard Klarna coverage
Pricing is based on a transaction fee. Contact Primer for a quote.

Voi see higher conversion and customer retention with Klarna via Primer.

“We’re seeing really good results for all the new payment methods that we’re adding. It makes us want to continue building out our payment portfolio so we can offer customers what they want. It’s helping us convert more users into active riders”.

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Take the first step to smooth shopping. Add Klarna on Primer.