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MATE Bike case study


“These are not just people that would have bought anyway and are using Klarna rather than their card. These are new customers, that simply wouldn’t have bought if it hadn’t been for the fact that we offered Klarna.”

Harris Qureshi, MD MATE Bike UK

Alternative Airlines

Alternative Airlines

“Having the Klarna brand on our website also gives Gen Z and Millennials extra confidence to book with us. The Klarna app has also been great for acquisition. It lets users find merchants that accept Klarna. We really stand out in app searches, which gives us great exposure to a ready-made customer base who are loyal to Klarna and will go out of their way to find out where they can use it.”

Sam Argyle, MD Alternative Airlines

Kathryns case study


“Klarna’s high-profile brand campaigns and merchant directory are driving new customers to our site. Since using Pay in 3 we have attracted a wider demographic from 18 to 40+. Older buyers especially like the reassurance of using Klarna when buying expensive items from unfamiliar sites.”

Simon Large, Ecommerce Manager at Kathryn’s

Protein package case study

My Protein Package

“Klarna Pay later was the ideal solution. In fact, Protein Package customers were proactively asking for it.”

George Greenhill, Founder of Protein Package

STATSports Case Study


"The most significant result has been in the UK Gen Z and late Millennial age group, where transactions have increased 943% in the past year as these customers trust the Klarna brand."

Ryan Clarke, Digital Marketing Manager at STATSports

My Rocking Kids

My Rocking Kids

“Klarna shows visitors who come to us through search engines that we are a legitimate and reputable site. They figure 'if we’re OK with Klarna, we’re OK with them'. They may not use Klarna to pay, as our average order value is a manageable £39, but Klarna has nonetheless secured the sale.”

Adam Conway, Co-Owner of My Rocking Kids



“With Pay in 3, they can invest in the backpack that’s right for them and spread the cost to fit their regular budgets. It’s easy to use too – there’s been no issues with customers choosing Klarna, no queries hitting our help desks, no increase in returns, or problems with payment.”

Lewis Bowen, Web Manager at Osprey Europe



“Klarna is no longer just another payment supplier, it’s now seen as a valuable marketing and customer acquisition partner. Its creativity and commitment is without question, making it a ‘hero’ choice for luxury and heritage brands looking to capture new audiences.”

Alex Kelly, Marketing Director at Belstaff



“Klarna sales are already four times higher after adding On-site messaging… Signalling Klarna as a payment option further up the funnel has significantly increased our average order values. We’ve found that rather than diluting our brand, Klarna has actually enhanced it.”

Adam Woodhouse, COO of SPOKE

Toolstop logo


“It really was as simple as plug and play - we were up and running in a few clicks. Klarna and its team were there to support us all the way."

Neil Bruce, Ecommerce Manager at Toolstop

Cox & Cox logo

Cox & Cox

“Working with Klarna has been a 100% positive experience. Once they had the green light, integration was totally smooth and painless. We went from contract to completion in under two weeks. Within an hour of going live, Klarna orders were coming through."

Aynsley Peet, Head of Ecommerce at Cox & Cox

iSmash logo


“We were really impressed with Klarna’s ability to think outside the box. It was able to modify its seller app to make it customer-facing, easy to use, and really secure.”

Chris Murton, Chief Operating Officer at iSmash

H&M logo


”It’s been amazing working with Klarna. We set quite a high ceiling for our mobile app and we have exceeded it together. It’s a true partnership based on openness and transparency.”

Mikael Strand, Pay later Services Architect at H&M

Kicks logo


”It used to take us 40 hours to add a new shipping carrier to our checkout. Now with Klarna and our TMS partner, it takes about 5 minutes.”

Yousef Rouholamin, Developer Lead at KICKS

Internet Fusion Group - case study

Internet Fusion

“Klarna makes sure there’s no friction points – it’s smooth and it’s simple. There’s no fees, no charges and users can keep track of and manage their spend via the Klarna app. As well as being a responsible payments company, Klarna is also committed to being carbon neutral. Which makes it a great fit for both our customers and our business.”

Ian Bristow, Group Director of Technology, Internet Fusion

Yours clothing logo

Yours Clothing

" Customers have complete confidence when using our app that they can order, receive their outfit, try it on, and have time to return it if unsuitable – without having to pay upfront and without the hassle of waiting for a refund."

Andrew Killingsworth, Founder and CEO, Yours Clothing

Daniel Footwear logo

Daniel Footwear

"We are now a firm believer in the Pay later option. We’ve had amazing feedback from our customers."

Mark Buxton, Head of eCommerce at Daniel Footwear

Skinnydip logo


“Deploying Klarna was really easy too. We already use Shopify as our ecommerce platform, so we were able to dive right in using the Pay later Shopify plug-in. All in all, it couldn’t have been more straightforward. The journey was frictionless, and we virtually went from sign-up to go-live in under 24 hours.”

James Gold, Co-Founder at Skinnydip

Hot futures logo

Hot Futures

Having good payments may seem a small thing but it’s a massive benefit to an independent retailer. Being able to access ‘big-player’ services like Klarna is fantastic and keeps us ahead of the game. By transforming our UX, Vend and Klarna are helping us become a ‘go to store’ for locals and a hot destination for visitors seeking authentic fashion buying experiences.

Fenton and co image


”Klarna adds another layer of credibility, joining our ethical approach and expert conversations, to establish a circle of trust.”

- Jerome Brustlein, Chief Operating Officer at Fenton



”Right from the start Klarna was our number one choice. Not only did it have the best payment products from a usability perspective but also the best brand ethos and support.”

Michael Jones, co-founder and director at houseof

Ann Summers

Ann Summers

”Success at the checkout is only part of the story. Klarna has also given us a great focus for customer outreach. A recent email blast to our entire database delivered one of the best responses we’ve had.”

- Ann Summers Team

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