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Hype improves online conversions and boosts profits with Klarna

With our millennial customer profile and their propensity to browse and shop on the move, Klarna gives us a real boost and is proving a hit with the full spectrum of our clientele.

Bhavik Samani
CEO of Hype

The Hype eCommerce website has success written all over it. When it comes to the latest trend fashion, Hype is the place to look, especially for youth. With men and women both spoilt for choice, it’s no wonder that Hype wanted to make their payment process just as pleasing.

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Klarna and Schuh a perfect pair for smooth online shopping
40% Conversion increase on mobile devices
25% Conversion increase on desktop

With more of our shoppers using mobile than ever before, making the payments process painless and simple continues to be our priority. The uplift in sales conversions since we introduced Klarna has been very impressive. Our shoppers have quickly adopted Pay After Delivery. As soon as they have used it once, repeat purchases are just one click away.

Sean McKee
Director of eCommerce and Customer Experience at Schuh

With thousands more shoppers switching to online purchase, it was vital for Schuh to offer customers a frictionless buying experience. It is a proven fact that a complex and detailed checkout process deters shoppers and is the biggest factor in basket abandonment.

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Pushing the boundaries of innovation and consumer convenience

Being able to ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ at the click of a button empowers our customers to shop however and whenever they want. Revolutionising our approach to purchasing and paying will help us boost conversion rates and ensure our customers remain our brands' biggest fans.

Richard Burchill

Maintaining global retailing leadership on both the high street and for online shopping, means that Arcadia is always pushing the boundaries of innovation and consumer convenience.

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Original skateboard and streetwear store success

One thing is certain though, with Klarna, we don’t have to worry about fraud rules any more, as they assume the credit risk. That is a major time saving and a massive stress reliever. This certainly helped convince the rollersnake’s senior management that Klarna was absolutely right for us and our clientele. It has proven to be a very good decision.

James Davies

To be the coolest skateboard fashion store, it is vital to give the street crowd the smartest and the most pioneering payment facilities. The skate fraternity is short on time and discerning and choosy for impulse purchases.

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Conversion benefits for fashion retailer AQ/AQ
10% Revenue increase
18% Conversion increase

AQ/AQ increased conversions with 18% and uplift in sales revenues with 10% in less than a few weeks, these numbers speak for themselves. Initial concerns that the shopping experience might be too different from what our customers are used to were overcome by positive customer reviews on social media and the increase in average spend.

Beren Gamble
eCommerce Director, AQ/AQ

AQ/AQ is a progressive and dynamic fashion brand with a core value of innovation. Their fashion collections are clean, sharp, bright and bold – offering men and women a high fashion aesthetic at an accessible price point.

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Achieving online conversion increase and winning new customers with Klarna

Even marginal improvements in online checkout abandonment are hard to get, so our results with Klarna have been fantastic. And, we have added a whole raft of new customers, thanks to Klarna’s Pay later.

Luca Marini
Chief Operating Officer, Finery

At top women’s fashion house Finery, the aim is to ‘put the excitement back into shopping’ and that is certainly
what’s happened with Klarna.

For women who love clothes, Finery’s design is contemporary and accessible. The promise is to re-inspire
shoppers with modern, original and sophisticated styling, without a compromise on quality. Finery is the ‘treat on
the high street’ that gives women a different and unique style. No wonder that Finery has grown exponentially and
been lauded by the UK fashion media since its launch in 2014.

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