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“It really was as simple as plug and play - we were up and running in a few clicks. Klarna and its team were there to support us all the way."

Neil Bruce, Ecommerce Manager at Toolstop

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Cox & Cox

“Working with Klarna has been a 100% positive experience. Once they had the green light, integration was totally smooth and painless. We went from contract to completion in under two weeks. Within an hour of going live, Klarna orders were coming through."

Aynsley Peet, Head of Ecommerce at Cox & Cox

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“We were really impressed with Klarna’s ability to think outside the box. It was able to modify its seller app to make it customer-facing, totally frictionless and really secure.”

Chris Murton, Chief Operating Officer at iSmash

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”We see Klarna In-app as a clear differentiator... especially for mobile- first Millennials and Gen Z customers.”

Mikael Strand, Pay later Services Architect at H&M

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Overall our conversion rate has increased by 12% for new customers. We have also seen a 5% increase in existing customer conversion which is a real bonus. Our KICKS Club loyalty program has over 1.5 million active members, so uplift here can have a significant impact on our sales performance. In addition, in the beauty world, good news spreads fast which means it’s attracting even more customers through referrals.

Yousef Rouholamin, Developer Lead at KICKS

Internet Fusion Group - case study

Internet Fusion

“Klarna makes sure there’s no friction points – it’s smooth and it’s simple. There’s no fees, no charges and users can keep track of and manage their spend via the Klarna app. As well as being a responsible payments company, Klarna is also committed to being carbon neutral. Which makes it a great fit for both our customers and our business.”

Ian Bristow, Group Director of Technology, Internet Fusion

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Yours Clothing

"Since introducing our Klarna pay in 3 enabled app, we have seen an increase of 50% on sales and a significant uplift in AOV compared to our previous app platform."

Andrew Killingsworth, Founder and CEO, Yours Clothing

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Daniel Footwear

Klarna has really helped to drive cart abandonment down. Only paying for items they keep has given our customers extra confidence to experiment without worrying about size options. They are able to take advantage of sales and spend more on feelgood, occasion and seasonal buys, safe in the knowledge that they can try at home to mix and match and see how it looks with their outfits.

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Klarna is now an integral part of our digital marketing strategy. When we post a new fashion trend online, we also flag the Pay later option. This helps people follow new trends and makes them more likely to try us . . . We convert more customers more than ever now and we believe a big part of that result is due to Klarna.

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Hot Futures

Having good payments may seem a small thing but it’s a massive benefit to an independent retailer. Being able to access ‘big-player’ services like Klarna is fantastic and keeps us ahead of the game. By transforming our UX, Vend and Klarna are helping us become a ‘go to store’ for locals and a hot destination for visitors seeking authentic fashion buying experiences.

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In The Style

"Klarna assured us that any increase in returns would be offset against increases in purchase frequency and basket values – and they were right."

Paul Masters, Chief Operating Officer, In The Style

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“Even marginal improvements in online checkout abandonment are hard to get, so our results with Klarna have been fantastic. And, we have added a whole raft of new customers, thanks to Klarna’s Pay later.”

Luca Marini, Chief Operating Officer Finery

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Ego Shoes

“Just one year on and we have experienced a significantly better level of repeat purchases because of Klarna and we can measure a healthy increase in basket size. When you think that our customers can try on a number of purchases at home, only keep the ones they love and then have 30 days to pay later, it’s no wonder Klarna is proving such a winner.”

Usman Riaz, Founder Ego Shoes

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Polarn O. Pyret

“The Klarna checkout is ridiculously easy. It really is child’s play. Particularly when buying from mobile, which many of our return purchasers are. All the details are pre-filled and the products can be bought instantly with one-click.”

Ian Hoverd, Head of Ecommerce PO.P

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"With our millennial customer profile and their propensity to browse and shop on the move, Klarna gives us a real boost and is proving a hit with the full spectrum of our clientele.”

Bhavik Samani, CEO Hype

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“With more of our shoppers using mobile than ever before, making the payments process painless and simple continues to be our priority. The uplift in sales conversions since we introduced Klarna has been very impressive. Our shoppers have quickly adopted Pay After Delivery. As soon as they have used it once, repeat purchases are just one click away.”

Sean McKee, Director of Ecommerce and Customer experience at Schuh

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“Being able to ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ at the click of a button empowers our customers to shop however and whenever they want. Revolutionising our approach to purchasing and paying will help us boost conversion rates and ensure our customers remain our brands' biggest fans.”

Richard Burchill, Head of Treasury & Card Services at Arcadia Group LTD

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“One thing is certain though, with Klarna, we don’t have to worry about fraud rules any more, as they assume the credit risk. That is a major time saving and a massive stress reliever. This certainly helped convince the rollersnake’s senior management that Klarna was absolutely right for us and our clientele. It has proven to be a very good decision.”

James Davies, Ecommerce Manager at Rollersnakes

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“AQ/AQ increased conversions with 18% and uplift in sales revenues with 10% in less than a few weeks, these numbers speak for themselves. Initial concerns that the shopping experience might be too different from what our customers are used to were overcome by positive customer reviews on social media and the increase in average spend.”

Beren Gamble, Ecommerce Director AQ/AQ

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