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In-store for Business
In-store for Business


The future of in-store shopping.

Increase sales and reach new customers by connecting your physical stores to the world of Klarna.


The flexibility of online shopping in your physical store.

With Klarna In-store you can connect your store to the Klarna ecosystem of shopping services. That means you can offer a variety of flexible payment options to boost conversion and average order value, attract new customers and get more insights on who’s shopping in your store.

of Klarna In-store users are either Millennials or Gen Z.

higher AOV for retailers when customers pay with Klarna.

of shoppers say it's important for them to have a choice in payment methods.

How Klarna In-store works.

Choose between our integration-free Digital Card solution or our integrated QR code solution. No matter which solution you choose, the customer’s payment always starts in the same place: the Klarna app.


The customer chooses the store.

In the Klarna app, shoppers can easily find all the stores that accept Klarna. Once they've chosen the store they get instructions to pay in one of two ways:


Let customers pay in 3 with a digital card...

The customer pays by creating a one-time card in the app. They set a budget for the card, add it to their mobile wallet and then tap their phone to the terminal at checkout.


... or offer even more flexibility with QR codes.

The customer scans a QR code on the till or in the payment terminal, chooses between all of Klarna’s payment options and then confirms the purchase.


We help you find shoppers - and shoppers find you.

With Klarna In-store you get new ways to reach and attract shoppers to your physical store, all through the Klarna app.

  • Allow shoppers to find your store in the Klarna App.

  • Attract nearby shoppers with location based alerts.

  • Spread the word through in-app messaging.

Join some of the world’s biggest brands by boosting your business with Klarna In-store.

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Questions on how to use In-store and how to get going? Find your answers below. For any further help or trouble-shooting, please contact customer service.

The in-store digital card is a single-use, virtual card that is created within the Klarna app. Once the card amount is authorised, the customer adds the card to their Apple Pay or Google Pay wallet, and can make a purchase by using “tap to pay” at the point of sale terminal within 24 hours of creating the card.

To pay with our digital card solution the customer needs to have the Klarna app in order to pay. To pay with our QR code solution customers don't need to have the app to pay, they can also scan the QR code with their phone's camera and complete the purchase on their mobile browser. However, we still recommend that customers use the app in order to have the smooothest user experience and to help them keep track of their payments.

The digital card solution allows customers to Pay in 3. With our QR code solution customers will be able to choose between all of Klarna's payment options.

The minimum amount to create an in-store digital card for is £10 and the [maximum amount is £1000] How much a specific customer can spend will also vary for each customer and each new purchase as they are evaluated by our system to ensure safe spending practices. Customers that have made a purchase with Klarna before can view their purchase power in the Klarna app. For our QR code solution the limit will depend on the customer and the payment option they choose.

When a customer first creates an in-store card, it will be connected to their personal debit or credit card. Klarna accepts major debit and credit cards (i.e. Mastercard, Visa, Discover). Prepaid cards, AMEX, and Capital One credit cards are not accepted.

The merchant is paid in full at the time a customer uses Klarna to make their in-store purchase. A customer's payments will be automatically charged to the selected debit or credit card according to the stated payment plan.

Let’s boost your in-store sales.

With Klarna In-store we make it easy to reach new customers, increase sales and improve the shopping experience.

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