Offer a new way to pay in your physical stores.

Empower customers with more options. Give them the freedom to choose how and when to pay.


UK's biggest brands are already using In-store to boost their business and enhance the shopping experience.

There’s shopping. And then there’s Klarna.

Customers want a simple, safe, and straightforward shopping experience. The kind of experience that invites them to visit, shop, and return. Bring your customers the same payment flexibility and enhanced shopping experience in your physical store, as they have online. That's good news for your business.


of shoppers say it's important for them to have a choice in payment methods.


UK shoppers choose to pay with Klarna.


market leader in buy now pay later services.


“Since launch last year, we’ve seen more and more customers opting for Klarna Pay in 3, to the extent that the average basket size on Klarna is twice that of other payment methods... we have doubled the volume of transactions over £100.”

Chris Murton, Chief Operating Officer at iSmash

In-store, in action.

Elevate the shopping experience by offering a simple and contactless way to pay in your physical stores. Our Payment link solution integrates with your existing Point of Sale system. Here is how your customers can shop with Klarna.

In-store notification

1. Send link

When a customer wants to pay with Klarna, your store associate sends them a payment link via SMS, email, or QR code.

UK In-store payment plan

2. Contactless payment

They'll complete the purchase on their phone. It's safe and contactless. You'll both get a confirmation once the payment is confirmed.

Klarna purchases in app

3. Post-purchase

Shoppers get a clear overview of their purchases in the Klarna app and can easily manage their orders.

Designed to suit your business.

Get started.

We integrate with most POS systems. Get in touch with us to find out which options suit your business.

Choose your offering.

Offer Klarna In-store with your preferred payment method. You’ll decide which options best match the needs of your business. Get upfront payments, zero fraud liability, and seller protection.

More than a way to pay.

With this partnership, we’ll support you each step of the way. With our co-marketing efforts, you can reach more shoppers than ever before.

In-store partnerships.

You can easily integrate directly with your existing point of sale system. We can integrate with most POS providers. Get in touch with us today to learn more. We’ll support your business each step of the way.

We’re everywhere your customers shop.

Whether in-store, online, or in-app, Klarna sales channels give your customers the ability to shop what they love today and pay later, while you get paid upfront.


A complete online checkout solution.

Designed for a smoooth shopping experience that reduces friction and increases customer loyalty.

Express button

A quick-pay button that closes the checkout gap.

Give new customers the speedy VIP treatment they deserve.

Get Klarna customers shopping with you now. Are you ready?