How do I make a payment?

Make payments and check the status of your payments online or in our Klarna app. Log in online to make a secure payment with either a debit or credit card.

Follow the steps below to make a payment
  • Log in to our app
  • Select ‘My Klarna’ to find the option to view your ‘Purchases’ or all your ‘Payments’
  • Choose the purchase or account you want to pay
  • Follow the prompts to submit your payment ensuring to use the correct payment information when making a payment to avoid any errors.

How to always pay monthly Financing statements on time.

Authorise automatic payments by enabling autopay and connecting a direct debit mandate to allow Klarna to automate debits to guarantee your statements are always paid on time.

How do I set up automatic payments?

Set up autopay to ensure you always pay your Financing statement on time and to keep your promotional terms. When automatic payments are enabled the interest-saver amount shown on your monthly statement is debited on the last working day of the month. If there is no interest-saver amount, the minimum amount shall be debited.

Follow these steps to enable automatic payments:
  • Log in with the email address associated with your Klarna account
  • Select ‘My Klarna’ then ‘Payment methods’
  • Choose ‘Connect a bank account’ then ‘Enter your bank details’ and complete the steps to link your direct debit mandate.
  • Toggle automatic payments on to enable autopay

How do I make a manual payment?

If you don’t want to enable automatic payments, you can also make manual payments. You can either make a manual payment to pay the minimum amount, interest saver amount, or pay off your balance early. Making an early payment for a Fixed Sum Loan Agreement will shorten the payment term, not reduce the monthly payment amount.

You can make a manual payment by clicking “Make a payment” in your monthly email statement, or by following these steps:

  • Log in with the email address associated with your account
  • Tap ‘Payment options’ to make a manual payment.

Please note, if you have promotional purchases which are due at the end of the month we recommend paying the interest-saver amount to ensure you maintain your promotional terms. Alternatively, you can pay your minimum payment. Please note this transforms any promotional balances to our standard rate account, which is charged at 18.9% interest.

Are my payments safe?

Payment information is processed securely by Klarna. All transactions take place via secure connections, protected by the latest industry standard security protocols.

Good to know: Payments cannot be made over the phone.

Which payment methods are accepted by Klarna?

Klarna currently accepts all major debit and credit cards except AMEX. Prepaid cards are not accepted.

Good to know:

  • When your due date has passed, it is no longer possible to pay with a credit card.
  • You can only use a debit card to pay for your Financing statement. Credit cards are accepted for down-payments, but keep in mind that your bank might charge extra fees.

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