Klarna’s Complaints Adjudicator process.

If you disagree with a decision we made on a complaint related to Pay Later or Pay in 3 instalments, you can request an impartial review from Klarna’s Complaints Adjudicator.

The role of the Complaints Adjudicator sits outside of our regular customer service teams, and their main functions are to assess complaints that have been submitted to them for review, suggest improvements to our case handling based on these complaints, and ensure that we always act fairly and in accordance with our


Once you have received a final response from us regarding your complaint, you will be provided with the opportunity to request an impartial review of your case. Your request for a review should:

  • be lodged as soon as reasonably possible after we tell you our final decision, no later than 6 months from receipt of your final response letter, using the form provided alongside the final response.

  • describe the reasons why you believe we were wrong and include any relevant supporting information. It should be clear on what grounds you are contesting the decision.

Klarna’s Complaints Adjudicator will consider whether:

  • the original case handler properly considered the issues you raised;

  • their decision was the right one in light of the evidence and information provided;

  • they explained the reasons for their decision clearly and considered your response.

When the review is completed, you will receive an outcome. We aim to complete most reviews within 21 working days. In some circumstances it may take longer e.g. if the Complaints Adjudicator deems it necessary to request further information.

If the Complaints Adjudicator decides that Klarna has handled your complaint incorrectly, or that you have been treated unfairly, they will suggest action(s) Klarna can take to put things right. Otherwise the Complaints Adjudicator will explain why the original decision set out in your final response letter still stands.

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