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We at Klarna care about your privacy, and therefore we always collect and use personal information responsibly and with your privacy in mind. You can read all about it in our Privacy Notice respectively our Cookie Statement.

Privacy Notice
Klarnas Cookie Statement

It is important to us that you are aware of what information we collect about you, and how it is used. Therefore, we encourage you to read our Privacy Notice and, if you have any questions, please contact us. For your convenience, we have also assembled some of the more common questions we receive, and the answers to them.


What personal data do you collect about me, and why?

In order to provide our services, such as our checkout and our customer portal, we need to collect certain personal information. Typical examples are:

  • When you place an order in a store and choose to pay with Klarna
  • When you use our customer portal or app
  • When you contact us or visit our website

For example, when you buy with Klarna in a store we need to know who you are and where you want your goods to be delivered. We use this information not only to help you complete your purchase and help the merchant handle your order, but also to prevent fraud and meet legal requirements.

You can read more about what data we collect, and what we use it for, in the Privacy Notice.

Can I request for my personal data to be forgotten?

Yes, you can.

Klarna retains data about you as a customer in order to provide you our services. As a bank we are required by law to retain certain data, for example for bookkeeping purposes, and we have also made the assessment that we have a legitimate interest to keep certain data under applicable law, for example, for fraud prevention purposes, even after you have stopped using Klarna.

Once you have requested to be forgotten you will not receive marketing material nor be able to log in to our web portal, or log in to our mobile app to view your transaction history or any other data related to your purchases.

Should you choose to make a purchase again using Klarna before this process is completed, we will be happy to welcome you back to Klarna.

To exercise your right to be forgotten, you can contact

Can I request a copy of my personal data?


You have the right to know whether or not Klarna processes your personal data. If we hold information referring to you, you may after identification obtain a copy of this data. To make an access request, please contact us on

Can I terminate a specific product or service at Klarna?


You are able to easily manage, or terminate, most of our services directly in the Klarna app. Should you have any questions you are welcome to chat us 24/7 via the app.

Can I terminate my customer relationship with Klarna?


Terminating your customer relationship with Klarna means that you’ll terminate all agreements with us. You can end your customer relationship with Klarna by following the same procedure as outlined in “Can I request for my personal data to be forgotten?”. If you have any additional questions you are welcome to contact

How do I unsubscribe from marketing send outs?

In order to unsubscribe from marketing sendouts, please contact us at and we will help you, or click the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of each e-mail.