12 skill sets that all work towards making the shopping experience simpler, easier and more convenient for our customers.

What is a competence?

A competence is a skill-set that represents the main knowledge and experience we need to ensure Klarna keeps heading in the right direction as teams change and evolve. A main skill-set is for example Engineering, Design, or Marketing.


We hire for competencies.

At Klarna, you are hired for a competence, not a specific role. The competence structure equips the organisation with the right capabilities and ensures high quality of work. It enables us to allocate resources to different teams with different problem spaces based on business needs. Teams usually consist of people from different competences, so called cross-functional teams. The teams leverage competence to create customer obsessed solutions.  


How do we hire for competence?

You may have a broad set of skills in your toolbox, but organisationally in Klarna you only belong to one competence. Which competence you belong to is defined by your main skill-set and experience.

That is why our recruitment starts by identifying which competence you belong to and would want to further develop your skills and proficiency. In the last steps of the recruitment process we will find an assignment for you that will be connected to a specific team and problem space.


Read more about our recruitment process.

Throughout your career at Klarna you will develop your Competence skill-set while having various different assignments. This is what we call the irregular path.

If you love what you do, love where you do it.