Dec 9, 20211 min read

Klarna’s browser extension is here!

Klarna K logo

by Klarna

At Klarna our objective is to bring flexibility, transparency and convenience to your shopping experience. That’s why we just launched a browser extension that allows you to use our flexible payment options on your desktop at every online store, regardless of whether they are partnered with Klarna or not. But that’s not all! The browser extension also allows you to: 

  • Create one time cards
    Through the creation of one time virtual VISA cards, the browser extension allows you to shop seamlessly and securely with Klarna at all of your favourite online retailers.
  • Save collections and activate price drop notifications
    You can save any items you find on the browser to personal folders and activate price drop notifications on those items.
  • Get automatic couponing
    With automatic couponing, the extension ensures that you always get the maximal value for your money by automatically adding coupon codes into shopping carts.
  • Receive cashback and gift card rewards
    If you have the browser extension installed, you can benefit from exclusive rewards for purchases at merchants in the form of gift cards.

What’s more, when you make a purchase or save an item with the browser extension, this will be automatically reflected in your Klarna app, where you can access more post-purchase features, such as tracking your purchases from order placement to delivery, managing your returns and tracking your carbon footprint. 

The Klarna browser extension is available today and can be installed with just two clicks. It is compatible with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Support for Firefox and Safari will be rolled out in the near future.