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Payment methods.

Financially empower your shoppers. Offer more payment options so they can choose when and how to pay.

The world’s top brands are using Klarna payment methods.

More options. More shoppers.

Our payment options are built for the modern shopper. Give your customers the ability to buy what they love today. You always get paid in full and upfront, your customers pay at a later date in-store and online. It doesn't get simpler.

Pay in 30 days

Offer an extra 30 days to pay.

Let your customers try before they buy by offering an extra 30 days to complete their payment, interest free.


Offer up to 36 months to pay.

Give your customers the option to buy now and spread the cost with monthly payments, interest free or interest bearing.

Working with everyone you know.

Add the power to pay later to your store with a quick and simple integration. Select the payment methods that best suit your business or integrate through payment service providers. Need a custom solution? We can do that, too.

Flexible payments

When using 3 instalments, customers pay 1/3 at checkout and their remaining 2 payments are collected automatically at 30 and 60 days.

Faster checkout

The consumer experience is frictionless when buying with Klarna. Go seamlessly from browsing to bought. Our journey is up to 3x faster than our competitors based on a smooth UX.

Effortless shopping

With no added cost to the order and automatic payments on Pay in 30 days and Instalments, shopping is as straightforward as making any regular card purchase. More freedom means happy, returning customers.

Personal experience

Returning Klarna shoppers are treated like returning customers for you. Details are pre-filled and preferred shipping and payment options are pre-selected.

No risk. Just rewards.

Selling with Klarna is beneficial to your business.

Get new customers

Klarna refers millions of shoppers to our online retailers via integrated marketing campaigns.

Problem? No problem!

We’re here to help if anything unexpected happens to you or your customers.

Zero-fraud liability

We’ve got your back. If it turns out a customer isn’t who they say they are, we take the cost.

Upfront payment

You always get paid upfront and in full with any Klarna payment option.

Seller protection

We assume credit and fraud risk, so you can focus on running a successful business.

Global enterprise solutions

Adaptable products to fit local preferences and legislation.

Automatic updates

You’ll always have the latest and greatest version of all Klarna products.

Make our fans your customers.

Tap into our loyal user base and lower your customer acquisition costs.