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Klarna keeps kudos high


Make aspirational accessible

Luxury consumers are more discerning than your average shopper. They demand exclusivity, but definitely don’t shy away from buying online. It’s why your web-experience should leave them feeling valued and indulged. That’s where Klarna comes in.

Whether you’re a heritage brand, a luxury sub-brand, a curated-collection or a couturier, we help keep your kudos high. With payment services that are as smooth your reputation.

With Klarna you can:

Create luxe cachet

By making payments seamless, we don’t detract from your luxury look and feel. Payment is effortless with minimal data entry that will suit even the most refined shoppers.

Be spontaneous

Luxe-buyers are never without their mobiles. Make it easier for them to buy, whether they’re in Klosters or the Caymans, with Klarna one-click mobile payment.

Make service personal

Prestige shoppers want exceptional service. Be a cut above the rest with Klarna Pay later and create individual accounts, that reflect their loyalty and spending frequency.

Bring luxury to life

It can be hard to ‘sell’ luxury online. Bring your products to life and let your clients experience them in person. Give them the option to buy now, pay later with Klarna.

Reach new clientele

Even the most exclusive brands, need to expand to survive. If expensive price-points are locking you out, use Slice it to help customers spread the cost and keep your value in-tact.

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