Which access rights do the different user roles have?

Administrator users can have different levels of rights. Administrator users will automatically receive access to all applications and updates in the Merchant Portal, while other users will need to be granted access to the updates.

Administrator users have access to:

  • All applications and functionalities in the Merchant Portal
  • Whenever a new app or functionality is added they are automatically granted access, while other users might need additional permission from administrators

Every merchant needs to have at least one admin user, but there could be several.

The administrator status can be activated or deactivated in the Merchant Portal by another administrator.

App specific permissions
Those users who are not administrators need separate permission to each application, such as:

  • Logs
  • Orders
  • Settings
  • Settlements
  • Users

Permissions related to Orders app
In the Orders application the administrator can choose to grant either “Limited” or “Full” permission to users.

The “Limited” permission allow the user to:

  • View orders
  • Resend statements
  • Edit email addresses of customers

It does not allow the user to:

  • Perform other order management functionalities, such as capture, cancel, refund or release.

The “Full” permission allows the user to view and perform all of the actions mentioned above.

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