Reach our shoppers

Reach our shoppers.

Grow your business and turn loyal Klarna fans into your customers.

Shopping just got smarter. Our brand became a pop culture juggernaut because we do things differently. And we work hard to elevate the brands of our retailers, too. Join us and make our fans your customers.


total clicks from Klarna UK stores out to merchants per month.


social media impressions every month.


traffic to merchants.

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We saw a 29.5% increase in traffic attributed to Klarna when we were included in their marketing activity and a nice spike in conversions as well. Great stuff!

Chris Palmer, Head of Digital, Raleigh UK Ltd

Amplify your brand.

We're our brands' biggest cheerleaders. We give you the spotlight when we create inspiration wish lists. And since we use our channels to promote your brand to your next customers, partnering with Klarna increases the traffic to your store.

Say hello to our fans

Klarna has 16 million shoppers in the UK alone, and 90 million globally across 19 markets. Wouldn’t you like to meet them?

Boost your traffic with deals

Amplify your marketing efforts by providing an exclusive offer to our shoppers through all our channels.

Make a co-marketing buzz

Klarna's playful brand and campaigns ensure you get more eyeballs. And sales.

Personal targeting

We understand what makes shoppers tick and can use this knowledge to direct the right people to your store.

Promote our partnership easily

Borrow Klarna's cool in your own campaigns by promoting Klarna easily in your channels with the guidance and advice in our merchant marketing toolkit.

Klarna advertising (coming soon)

Give your brand tons of exposure in Klarna’s web and app environments.

A great deal.

We reach and engage millions of shoppers through Klarna channels, including newsletters, social media, store directory, and in our app. Klarna channels are proven to drive significant traffic to our retailers, increasing the number of shoppers, and lowering customer acquisition costs.

Social shout outs

Social shout-outs

Grab the opportunity to feature in our organic social and targeted paid social amplification - delivering more visibility and shopping traffic to your site.

Newsletter promotion

Newsletter promotion

Over a million customers check out our newsletter every fortnight to find out the latest when it comes to new retailers, new products and new deals. Be part of the story.

Get listed with Klarna

Get listed

Our shop directory - Klarna Stores - and app drive millions of outbound clicks to merchants every month.

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