Fraud liability protection


In order to take necessary precautions for the evolving COVID-19 outbreak, some merchants are cancelling certain services that you may have purchased.

Please reach out directly to the merchant to inquire about the status of your event or in the case of travel to inquire about the status of the booking.

If you have already paid for the ticket, Klarna will refund you if the merchant processes a return under their refund policy.

We ask you to directly contact your merchant to resolve any issues you may have on your order. If your merchant updates your order it will be automatically reflected in our systems and in your Klarna app.

More information on how to report a problem with Klarna can be found in the section titled “Claims with the seller or financial institutions” below.

This fraud liability protection relates to purchases or charges made without your authorization using Klarna. We also ask you to review the “Claims with the seller or financial institutions” section for problems with your goods or services.

If you are a US resident and discover that a purchase or charge was made in your name that you did not make or authorize, you must file a claim with us within 60 days of the date the charge first appears on your credit card, bank statement or Klarna statement, as applicable. You can file a claim by contacting Klarna


When you file your claim, please provide any order information you may have available, including the merchant name, date of purchase, order number, description of the disputed goods, payment method used, and/or the date when the purchase first appeared on your Klarna statement, credit card or bank statement.

To assist our investigation, we may ask that you provide us with additional evidence to support your claim, for example, a copy of your credit card or bank statement showing the unauthorized charge. You must respond to our request for additional evidence within 5 days or as instructed in our request, otherwise we may decline your claim.

We will attempt to determine, in our sole discretion, whether your claim qualifies under our fraud liability protection, within 30 days from when you submit your claim, but it could take longer. If you have not yet paid for the disputed purchase when filing a claim, we will suspend your payment due date for that balance while we investigate your claim. To avoid further unauthorized purchases, you and anyone else using your account may be prohibited from making purchases with Klarna during our investigation.

If we approve your claim, we will either refund the payment method used or cancel any outstanding balances related to the fraud. If we do not approve your claim, you will not receive a refund from us, and any amount you owe us will still be due within the time remaining when we suspended your payment due date or such other due date that we may provide.

Claims with the seller or financial institutions

With the seller of the goods or services

If you have a problem with the goods or services you ordered, this should be resolved by the seller of the goods or services. Please reach out to the seller and follow their dispute resolution process.
If the merchant resolves the dispute in your favor, we will reduce your balance accordingly and refund any resulting overpayments. If the merchant does not resolve the dispute in your favor, you are responsible for payments under your original terms. Klarna is unable to override a merchant decision on your dispute.

With your financial institutions

If your credit card, debit card, or bank details were used to make a fraudulent purchase through Klarna you can either submit a claim with (i) Klarna under our fraud liability protection; or, (ii) dispute the charge through your card issuing bank or depositary institution, but not both. If you submit a claim with us, and then dispute the charge with your issuing bank or depositary institution, and we receive a chargeback or other payment reversal, we will cancel your claim.

If your financial institution has charged you a fee under an account agreement you have with them (i.e: an insufficient funds fee), please dispute that fee directly with your financial institution.

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