Customer service

When will my order be delivered?

Does Klarna protect my personal information?

How can I report a fraud attempt to Klarna?

What is Klarna's privacy policy?

How do I close my Klarna account?

How do I update my address?

How do I add or delete a card or bank account connected to my Klarna account?

How do I cancel my order?

How do I log in?

How do I open a Klarna account?

I received an error when trying to make a payment. What do I do?

Where can I view Klarna’s terms and conditions?

How do I download the app?

Why are not all payment methods available at the checkout?

What is Monthly Financing and how does it work?

Two payments have been charged to my credit or debit card, but only one payment appears on my account. Why is this?

Is there a late fee for 4 interest-free installments?

How do I sign up for 4 interest-free installments?

My purchase was denied, why do I still have a pending authorization hold on my card?

What if I never use the One-time card and want to cancel it?

What is 'Pay later in 30 days'?

How do I disconnect my email from Email Connect?

Why was my One-time card purchase declined?

What happens when my order has gone to Collections and what should I do?

Is the app available in other languages?

How do I terminate my Vibe membership?

What is Vibe and how does it work?

There’s something wrong with my order. Do I have to pay?

What is Email Connect and how does it work?

What is ‘Pay over 6 months’?

My order was cancelled, why am I still being charged?

What data is Klarna collecting from my emails?

Why should I allow Klarna to scan my emails?

Can I prevent Klarna from accessing a specific email?

Can people working at Klarna read my emails?

Is someone at Klarna reading my emails to find tracking numbers and order information?

How long after I disconnect my email will Klarna stop scanning my emails for purchase information?

How can I remove imported purchases from the Klarna app?

Which types of email accounts can I connect?

Why didn’t an email in my inbox with package tracking show up in the Klarna app?

Will Klarna handle any special categories of personal data within the Email Connect service?

Does Klarna read all my emails?

Which keywords are being used to identify relevant emails?

What is in-store shopping with Klarna?

How do I create a Digital card for in-store shopping?

Which stores offer in-store shopping with Klarna?

How do I pay in-store using Klarna?

Does the tracker cover CO2 only?

Does Klarna share CO2 user data with any third parties?

What is Give one?

What is the CO2 calculation displayed in the app and how is it calculated?

Does Klarna perform a credit check?

How can I change my email address?

Why do I see two orders in the Klarna App when I only placed one order?

What is a One-time card and how does it work?

Why was my purchase not approved with Klarna?

How can I get approved to pay with Klarna?

Can I pay earlier or later?

I haven’t received my order. Do I have to pay?

Why can't I pay with Klarna anymore?

Can I make multiple purchases with Klarna?

Where can I find my orders, balance and payments?

What happens if I can’t pay on time?

What happens if my purchase is for a different amount than my One-time card?

How do I change the card on file?

How do I pay for my order?

When is my payment due?

How can I schedule automatic payments (Autopay) or turn it off?

How do I turn on notifications?

Does Klarna affect my credit score?

What happens after I‘ve reported my problem?

What’s the status of the investigation into my problem?

How long does it take for my problem to be solved?

My problem has been solved, what should I do?

Why was the investigation of my problem closed, even though my problem has not been solved yet?

What should I do if the store doesn’t respond?

My return hasn’t been registered, what should I do?

Can I change my return after it's been reported?

How do I return my order?

What happens when I report a return?

Which payment methods are accepted by Klarna?

Customer service

How long do refunds take?

What’s my credit limit and how much can I spend?

Why did I receive a reminder after returning my order?

What’s the status of the investigation of my return?

How long does it take for my return to be registered?

Why was the investigation of my return closed, even though my return hasn't been registered yet?

How can I make a formal complaint to Klarna?

Why was I asked to connect my bank account?

How is my data protected when I connect my bank account?

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Who does Klarna work with?

How do I get started with Klarna?

Are there any restrictions on what I can sell through Klarna?

Do I have a contact person?

When do I need to transfer my contract?

What is an administrator in the Merchant portal?

What is a payment service provider (PSP)?

What is a captured order?

The integration is not working. What should I do?

Why am I sent back to the shopping cart when I try to complete the purchase in the checkout?

What is a 'Stop request'?

Does Klarna communicate stop requests with customers?

What does the 'Pending' or 'Rejected' order status mean in the Merchant portal?

What happens with a customer's payment when an order expires?

What is the customer's late fee and can I remove it?

Why is a customer denied by Klarna?

How do I change the customer's billing and shipping address?

Does Klarna display different ads for returning customers?

What is required to work with Klarna?

How do I add new or additional products?

Is there a binding period for my contract?

How do I fix the error message '401 Unauthorized' in the checkout?

How do I troubleshoot Shopify errors?

How do I log into the Merchant portal?

What do the different order details mean?

How do I remove an item from the customer's order?

When will a customer receive the refund?

When should I postpone an order's invoice due date?

What happens when a customer makes a return?

Can I add the pre-qualification/eligibility flow to my On-site messaging placements?

Is the landing page (data-key=”info-page”) a dynamic or static page?

How can I let my customers know about flexible payment options with Klarna?

In which countries can I use Klarna?

What platforms do you work with?

How do I cancel my Klarna application?

Can I change the details in my Klarna application?

Who is a Klarna account owner?

Who is an authorized signatory?

How do I integrate my WooCommerce store with Klarna?

How does Klarna handle 'Sales tax' on orders?

My customers' details are correct, but they still can't pay with Klarna. What's next?

What happens to my payouts while my new bank account details are being updated?

How do I update my business address and contact information?

How do I update my employer registration number (EIN)?

How do I update my e-commerce store URL?

How do I update my brand/business name?

How do I update my risk email address?

What do I need to do for my brand to shine in the Klarna app?

I’ve customized my messages but I still see the old design on my site. What should I do?

What kind of messaging is currently supported and where can I place it on my website?

What is a dispute and how does Klarna help solve it?

What is Klarna’s shipping policy?

What do I need to do when there is a delivery delay?

Why do I need two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled?

How do I add the Klarna API credentials to my Shopify store?

Can I edit the social media images to customize it for my brand?

What are merchant reversals?

How do I integrate my BigCommerce store with Klarna?

How do I integrate my Shopify store with Klarna?

My API credentials don't work. What should I do?

What is an uncaptured order?

Why did I receive an email regarding the company's majority owners?

When can I start integrating Klarna?

Why is my customer's order canceled by Klarna?

What to do if a customer pays me directly?

What is my payout schedule?

Why is there a payment delay in my payouts?

Why are my payouts suspended?

How do I resend an invoice to a customer?

Where do I find my contract?

What is a merchant ID?

How does the integration process work?

How do I integrate Klarna?

What is the username and password I need to add in my platform?

What are the Klarna API credentials and how do I use them?

Where do I find and generate Klarna API credentials?

I’ve lost my Klarna API credentials. What should I do?

I believe my API credentials are being misused. What should I do?

How do I add the Klarna API credentials to my BigCommerce store?

How do I read log entries?

Can I define multiple filters while searching for information?

How do I change the language in the Merchant portal?

What features are available in the Merchant portal?

How do I get support in the Merchant portal?

How do I disable two-factor authentication (2FA)?

Where can I find the orders in the Merchant portal?

What do the different order statuses mean?

What is the order's expiration date and how can I extend it?

What can I do with an expired order?

What does 'Expires soon' mean?

How do I cancel an order in the Merchant portal?

How do I remove an order?

How do I register a returned order?

How do I refund an order?

Where can I get information about my payout?

How are fees calculated?

Why is there a payout report in the Merchant portal but no payouts made?

When do I get paid for an order?

How do I change my bank account details?

How do I add a logo to statements?

What can I do in the Settings section?

How do I enable email notifications for new orders?

How do I enable email notifications for new disputes?

What are the different types of user permissions?

How do I change an administrator for my Merchant portal account?

How do I add a user in the Merchant portal?

How do I remove a user in the Merchant portal?

The user access is not saved. What should I do?

What do I do when I can't deliver all the products to my customer in one go?

What do I do with a returned order?

What are my merchant responsibilities in case of a dispute?

How can I sign up to Disputes?

How can I add users to Disputes?

What aspects of the message(s) can I customize?

Does On-site messaging support mini-cart or pop-cart pages?

Why is On-site messaging not showing on my page?

The loading time seems to be slow, is that normal?

What is Grab and go marketing?

Why should I announce to shoppers that I’ve launched with Klarna?

How do I make sure Klarna uses my logo in customer communications?

What assets can I add in Branding?

Retail Insider

4 Installments

The return to retail. How consumers plan to spend post-lockdown.




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