Pay in 4

4 small payments are better than 1.

Hold on to your hats. There’s a new way to pay in town.

If you can pay for it online, you can pay for it in 4. It’s not the Wild West. It’s Klarna.

Watch singin’ Maya Rudolph in our 2021 Big Game commercial.

There’s hidden gems to be found in the Wild West.

Special storefronts.

Did you catch Studio Eighty Nine, Thirteen Lune, Coco and Breezy, or Cuddle and Kind?

Hey, good lookin’.

Remember the feller who shouted “KLARNA?” We reckon he looks familiar.

Wild West wish lists.

Cowboy or cowpoke, outfit yourself like the westerner you are.

This ain’t our first rodeo.

The Four Quarter-Sized Cowboys just rode into town, but we’ve dedicated the last 15 years to flexible payments.

Y’all ready for a better way to shop and pay?