How can I change my SEPA direct debit mandate?

Please log in to your merchant account first.

Go to “My Account” in the left menu and click “Billing”. Please enter the new data which is then automatically stored in the PDF file of your mandate.

For EURO countries:
In this case, the SEPA direct debit mandate will be digitally and automatically activated and “signed”. You do not have to take care of anything but store your data.

For Non-EURO countries:
In this case, please change your data, print and sign the mandate, and fax it to SOFORT GmbH
(Fax number: +49 89 20 20 889 750). You may also send the form by post:

Theresienhöhe 12
80339 Munich

The new bank account will not be activated until we received the mandate. Until then, the old bank account will remain active or the bill will be sent per invoice. Please bear in mind that a SEPA direct debit mandate may only be issued in countries participating in the SEPA procedure. SEPA payments can only be processed in Euros.

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