Where do I find my project/notification password?

Basically, we distinguish in two project types – SOFORT Gateway and SOFORT Classic.

Project type:
If you are asked to enter a project or notification password in your shop backend, please select the project type SOFORT Classic as the passwords are only relevant for this project type. If you have not set up a project yet, please log in to your SOFORT merchant menu first. Click “New project” in the left menu and select “SOFORT Classic project”.

Project configuration:
You are asked to select a project name and shop system in the following form. As soon as you selected a shop system, a blue info icon will be displayed which contains important information for the configuration of your specific shop system. Take advantage of this specific help to correctly configure your project. Save the project after completing the configuration.

Extended settings:
Click “Extended settings” now. In order to receive the project and notification password, click “Passwords and hash algorithms”. Click the corresponding buttons to generate the passwords. Make sure to set the hash algorithm according to the required settings to allow payments via your system. Click the tab “Shop system help” to find out the required hash algorithm.

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