What products are offered?

Klarna offers consumers the ability to pay with direct banking to make a fast, easy, and secure payment online, this is known as Pay now with direct banking. Compared to the traditional methods of using bank transfers, Klarna’s direct banking payment method allows you to grant fast access to goods and services because you immediately receive a confirmation as soon as the transfer has been listed in the customer’s online banking.

There are also two legacy products that were previously offered by Sofort GmbH.

Sofort Paycode allows customers to conveniently settle every request for payment by direct banking. Even those included in invoices, reminders, or advance payment emails – the Paycode can be sent by mail, email, SMS, as QR code, or as a clickable link. This helps you to shorten the payment process of your customers and accelerate payment receipts.

Sofort Ident is a solution for age and identity verification online. Tested by the Voluntary Self-Control for Multimedia Service (FSM) in Germany and can be done completely online – compared to other traditional procedures (e.g. Post Ident) – to finish the process within seconds. With Sofort Ident, access can be given to age-protected content for your adult customers without media disruption and delay.

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