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Get the glow

Give shoppers the extra boost they need to explore new looks and beauty products without worrying about cash flow. No FOMO here!


Make beauty sales shine

Let’s face it, beauty buyers are just as eager to see how their items look before they pay than any other online shopper.

According to our recent beauty survey, 78% of beauty shoppers are more likely to buy if they can opt to see the items in real-life before parting with their cash.

That’s where Klarna comes in.

We can give your checkout a make-over with flexible pay after delivery options that let customers buy the products they want, when they want, without worrying about cash flow.

Whether they’re shopping for a new seasonal colour pallet, an invigorating treatment or updating their entire beauty regime, with Klarna you can be sure your value is more than skin deep.

With Klarna you can:

Deliver pain-free beauty

Convenience is key for beauty shoppers, they like the fact they can access all their favourite brands on the same site. Klarna removes barriers to sale and makes shopping painless.

Help buyers look their best

With Klarna’s Pay later, your customers can be on trend, follow celebrity style and put their best face forward to get what they want immediately without having to wait till pay day.

Get hot looks, now!

Getting ‘there’ first is a big focus for beauty customers, 55% prefer shopping online to get the latest products earlier – and before they run out. Give them the spontaneity they desire with Pay later and easy, one-click repeat purchases.

Split costs, not hairs

Shoppers love to invest more money in better quality (73%), or longer lasting (74%) products. With Klarna they never have to compromise on what they want because of the price tag. With Klarna’s Slice you can enable shoppers to spread the cost of large-ticket items over time.

Get a marketing make-over

Use Klarna to boost ROI across upstream and downstream marketing. Adding something as simple as free next day delivery combined with Klarna’s Pay later to your promotions can deliver the demand spike you need to dominate a sales window and smash the competition.

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