Give them the credit they deserve.

Add financing as a payment option and let your customers spread the cost of their transaction over time. Boost purchase power right when it's needed - at the point of sale.


increased average order value.


increase in conversion.

How it works.

Klarna's consumer finance is designed for today’s shoppers – giving them more ways to buy online in your store. Monthly financing enables your customers to pay over 6–36 months.


Shoppers see both the full price of an item and the minimal monthly cost when paying with financing.

At checkout

Your customer selects financing and completes a simple, one-time application to receive an instant decision without entering their card details.

On shipment

Your customer easily makes their monthly payments to Klarna online or in our app. You always get paid in full, upfront, even if we don’t.

Post purchase experience

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, we’ve got your back. We take full fraud and credit risk for sellers, while giving full protection to buyers. We also put the control in the hands of the customers via the Klarna app – gathering all orders in a single place. With the app, your customer can manage their purchases, choose or change payment method, chat with customer service 24/7 or make returns. And two days before the invoice is due, we remind the customer of their payment.

A flexible way for customers to split their purchase over time

0% interest on promotional periods

Customers make interest-free monthly payments within the offer period up to 36 months. Planned and fixed payment terms at a reduced promo annual percentage rate.

Ideal market fit

Perfect for the purchase of larger-ticket items in verticals such as furniture, homeware, electronics and DIY. Ideal for baskets over £800. The average purchase value with Klarna financing is £2000.

In store too

Financing options from Klarna are also available for in store, physical shopping environments. With the same great user experience as online.

The credit application is done in 4 easy steps, without your customer ever leaving your site. It’s super easy and mobile friendly, putting us way ahead of our competitors.


of users say Klarna is a better experience than other online checkouts.


Financing users on average spend twice as much as other customers.

Boost your business.

A customised payment solution that speaks to your customer's needs will win you more sales. Offering consumer finance is the easiest way to make that happen.


The simple credit-process and seamless checkout experience will make more shoppers complete their purchase.

Average order value

Allowing shoppers up to 36-months financing will increase their purchasing power. Which means boosting your sales.

Customer loyalty

By offering solutions that meets your customers needs, you will attract new and returning customers to your store.

Credit broker

Please note that in order to offer Klarna Financing merchants are required to have a Credit Broker License (CBL).

Klarna's flexible payment has helped increase ROI at events. We’re now able to attract those looking to invest more . in their outdoor activities, safe in the knowledge that they can see the goods at home before parting with all their cash up front.

- Richard Forman, PJ Outdoors

Always with Klarna.

Regardless of what solution or payment method you sign up for, joining forces with Klarna will make running your business easier.

Automatic updates

You’ll always have the latest and greatest version of all Klarna products.

New business

Klarna refers millions of shoppers to our retailers via our promotions and shop directory.

Dedicated support

You can contact our business support 24/7 with questions or feedback.

Go to business support

Buyer's protection

We guarantee that the merchant holds up their end of the bargain. If the goods are wrong or don’t arrive, we take the cost.

Read the full policy.

Seller's protection

We assume all credit and fraud risk, so you can focus on running a successful business.

Global enterprise solutions

Adaptable products to fit local preferences and legislation.

Upfront payment

You always get paid right away and in full with any of Klarna’s payment options.


How to integrate depends on if you’re looking to upgrade your full checkout or simply add the payment method to your current checkout. You can choose to integrate Klarna Checkout, which includes Financing as a payment method. You can also decide to integrate Financing as a stand-alone payment method into your current checkout solution.


Klarna Financing is available on almost every e-commerce platform, and it might only take a few minutes to start accepting payments.


Here you will find the integration guides, API documentation for those wanting to integrate directly with our systems, and more to help you get started.


Up to 1.90% + £0.20 per transaction.*

Klarna pricing varies depending on where your customer is shopping from. * Financing pricing is based on the standard revolving account product at base 18.9% APR.

Annual volume:

Less than £50K

Get your business off the ground. Start selling with Klarna today and offer a smoooth checkout experience. Just enter our on-boarding process.

Annual volume:

More than £50K

Is your business already booming? Good for you. Now let us help you take it to the next level. Get started with Klarna today.


Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. All you need to know about Klarna Financing is right here.


Market availability
Show/hide function
Payment period starts
When order is shipped
Number of payments
Payment term
6-36 month payment plans
Time between payments
One month
Consumer APR
No more than 18.99%
Payments made
Manually paid online or in app.
Klarna buyers protection
Klarna sellers protection


Direct integration via
Javascript & RestAPI
Auto updates
Dev resources

What else?

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Offer interest-free instalments.

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Ready, steady, smoooth.