In The Style x Klarna.

In The Style partnered with Klarna to allow customers to own the latest looks now. Find out why Pay later has been the perfect fit for this fast-fashion online retailer.


In The Style is a trend-led, fast fashion brand that’s built a loyal following among the Instagram generation for its hot looks, affordable pricing and special collections endorsed, designed and adored by celebs. It uses Klarna Pay later, to help customers buy more of what they love and boost acquisition amongst this fashion-savvy crowd.






Klarna Solution

Pay later

In The Style - the go-to site for current fashion

In The Style has quickly become a firm favourite for fashion-conscious young women. A brand that doesn’t shy away from the spotlight, it’s well known for its collaborations with celebrities and fashion influencers like Dani Dyer, Charlotte Crosby, Billie Faiers, Binky Felstead and Sarah Ashcroft.

In The Style’s fashion savvy customers are highly influenced by social media, they love to snap their latest looks at home before making a decision to buy. These young fashion buyers always want to be first with the latest trends and buy new collections as soon as they go live.

To empower its customers, In The Style wanted a new way to give flexibility on payments, let them try before they buy, checkout even faster on mobile and to be able to buy more spontaneously.

The solution

In The Style chose Klarna’s Pay later deferred payment solution to help its customers own the latest designs and trends and manage their cash flow by deferring payment for up to 30 days.

Klarna is a perfect fit for our millennial demographic. Over 80% of our customers shop with their mobile and Klarna allows them to order items in just two clicks. With Klarna Pay later, they don’t have to pay until they have tried on the items and decided to keep them. If they do decide to return the goods, given the extended payment time, they can do so without the cash ever leaving their account. This is really important as it means their cash isn’t tied up waiting for a refund, so they can instantly shop with us again for a replacement, new style or different size and we don’t lose the sale altogether.

Paul Masters, Chief Operating Officer of In The Style

The benefits

Before using Klarna Pay later, In The Style was concerned that any boost to initial order values would also drive a huge increase in returns. But it soon found out that the net impact was favourable.

“Klarna really comes into its own during collection launch days, when items sell out really fast,” according to Paul.

“Our recent Dani Dyer event, for example, saw most items sell out within a matter of hours. With Klarna, regular customers were able to fast track at the checkout and bag their items, without having to worry about immediate payment and with the confidence they could see it ‘offline’ before committing to parting with their cash. Pay later has also provided In The Style with more options to spread offers and launches throughout the month rather than clustering them around pay days and we’ve also seen a boost in loyalty; with customers using Pay later returning more frequently and within shorter time frames.”

31 % increase in average order value when In The Style customers shop using Pay later.

Klarna assured us that any increase in returns would be offset against increases in purchase frequency and basket values – and they were right.

Paul Masters, Chief Operating Officer of In The Style