How can I pay?

Your payments are automatically withdrawn from your connected card or bank account according to the agreed payment schedule, but you can make early payments anytime you wish.

To make a manual payment:

  1. Go to Payments
  2. Navigate to the order you would like to pay
  3. Tap Payment options and follow the instructions

Good to know:

  • Prepaid cards are not accepted. We accept all other major debit and credit cards
  • Credit cards are not accepted as a payment method for purchases made with the Klarna Card
  • You can’t cancel a payment while the payment is processing
  • When paying your Financing statement be sure to pay the interest-saver amount to maintain the promotional terms of your Financing purchases

Haven’t set up automatic payments for Financing yet?

To guarantee you never miss a payment connect a direct debit mandate to your bank account so payments will be withdrawn automatically on the same day every month:


  1. Navigate to Payment methods
  2. Tap Connect a bank account
  3. Enter your bank details and complete the steps to link your direct debit mandate then toggle Autopay on

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