How long does it take for my return to be registered?

The store is responsible for registering your return. That’s why we recommend you reach out to them directly for updates on your return. If you have any questions about your return, check the store’s website for information on their return policy.

If your return hasn’t been registered and your next payment date is approaching, let us know you’ve returned items to pause your payments:

  1. Go to My Klarna
  2. Under Purchases, select the purchase you want to return
  3. Tap Report return and follow the instruction to pause your invoice

Once your return has been registered by the store, your payment plan will be adjusted accordingly and we’ll notify you and send you an email with an updated payment plan. Learn more about how you’ll be refunded.

Waiting longer than expected for your return to be registered?

In the case the store does not confirm your return, we’ll request additional information from you, so we can further investigate. We can only support you if you provide us with tracking information upon request, so please keep all relevant documentation.

It can take between 30 to 50 days for Klarna to reach a decision on the investigation, therefore we advise you to solve the issue with the store even after you’ve reported your return.

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