Does Klarna perform a credit check, and will this affect my credit score?

Depending on the payment options you’ve chosen we perform different searches with credit reference agencies, please read carefully below to see how your credit score might be affected:


For the payment options ‘Pay in 3’ or ‘Pay in 30 days’
We will perform soft searches with credit reference agencies when you take out our payment options, such as ‘Pay in 3’ or ‘Pay in 30 days’ to determine if you are eligible. These soft searches with the credit reference agencies do not impact your credit file and are only visible to you and Klarna.


For our Financing options
If you apply for one of our Financing options, we perform soft searches and hard searches with credit reference agencies to complete your credit assessment. This is a requirement by the credit reference agencies for all regulated credit products. If in addition, you fail to make the agreed repayments, this will be reported to the credit reference agencies impacting your credit file and score.

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