Why can’t I pay with Klarna anymore?

The decline reason is displayed in a pop-up message, which appears at checkout, when you can’t use Klarna to pay.

Follow the instructions in the pop-up message before attempting to make another purchase.

We understand it can be frustrating if you experience that not all or no Klarna payment options are available to you when making a purchase – especially having been approved in the past. Different factors are being assessed in real time to help our customers balance debt risk and stay on top of their spending.

How the automated approval assessment works

For each order attempt, in addition to your Klarna payment history, information from the credit bureaus is used to check your credit history, such as if you paid off other credits on time, or if you have too much outstanding debt elsewhere.

Every purchase attempt generates a new automated approval assessment based on available credit bureau decision data in real time, so one rejection does not mean that future purchases will always be declined.

Good to know: Our customer service agents do not have additional information about the automated decline reason, based on credit reference agency decision data, and are not able to change or influence the decision.

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