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Emotional eCommerce



Get our latest academic study with Reading University on the ups and downs of the online experience. Download the full report or view the infographics and animation.

What psychological and emotional factors drive different behaviours?

We know that more than half of all online transactions are abandoned before completion. But what psychological and emotional factors drive different behaviours? We partnered with the University of Reading to better understand the ups and downs in the online journey and what retailers can do to stay ahead of the competition.

Commissioned by Klarna, the study was conducted by Lynne Bell, Dr Julia Vogt, Dr Rachel McCloy and Prof Laurie Butler from the University of Reading’s School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences.

In addition, we conducted consumer research which offers important clues for merchants looking to tap into different age groups, from millennials through to Gen Xs and Baby Boomers, and shows how they can use EQ as well as IQ to deliver a smooth online customer experience.

Get the Emotional eCommerce infographics.

Emotional Factors

Maverick Millenials

Gender Differences

Baby Boomers

Watch the Emotional eCommerce short animation.

Download the report.

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