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Get paid up front while your customers pay over time. Slice it increases sales by giving your customers a fast and flexible way to pay later.

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How it works

Pay later with Slice it.


Your customer selects Slice it at checkout and makes their first payment at the time of shipping.


Klarna pays you the full amount and you ship your customer’s purchase.


The remaining three payments are automatically collected every two weeks.

Increase your sales.

Adding Slice it to your checkout flow is a simple way to increase conversions and AOV. More ways to pay means happier customers and more sales for you.

See our in-line checkout solution.

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Add Slice it to let your customers pay later.

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Offer a modern checkout.

Give shoppers more reasons to buy from you. Slice it offers a modern way to pay later and a popular complement to traditional payment methods. And with regular updates, you’ll always have the latest and greatest.

Find out which Slice it plan is best for you.

Easy sign up and set up.

Get up and running on popular platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce. Slice it is available on almost every e-commerce platform, and only takes a few minutes to start accepting payments.

Zero risk for your business.

With Klarna, your business is always protected from fraud and credit risk. Your customers are protected, too, thanks to our pre-authorization process and Buyer’s Protection policy.


Customers love it

Slice it takes care of the customer from the point of sale to the final payment. Below is the result of a modern end-to-end payment solution and strong focus on customer care.

* Klarna customer survey 2018

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Find the right Slice it for you.

There are different ways for your customers to pay later. We have proven solutions for most industries, including fashion, home, beauty, travel, sports and more.


Frequently asked questions.

When do I get paid?

Klarna pays the full order amount to you, minus merchant fees, when the order is captured and processed. You can then confidently ship the order to your customer without delay. No need to wait for the credit to be granted, applications to be processed or funds to be transferred. Zero credit risk for you.

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Are there different ways to pay later?

Our short-term pay later options offer either a 30-day payment delay or a 6-week payment plan. Both with no interest, no upfront fees, and no credit account.
Our long-term installment options offer 6-36 month financing plans, with competitive APRs and a one-time credit application for your shoppers.

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What risk does Klarna take?

Klarna assumes all credit risk. You still receive full payment, even if the customer fails to pay for their purchase.

Can Klarna integrate with my web store?

Yes, we integrate with most web stores, whether they are platform based or not. Click here to find supported platforms.

What countries can I offer Slice it in?

Customers can pay in short-term, interest-free installments in the following countries:

Customers can make credit purchases with Slice it in the following countries:

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What is "transparent lending"?

At Klarna, we offer flexible payment options to shoppers who may have a less-than-perfect credit score. But, we are careful to select those who we believe are capable of repaying the money, without having to deal with late fees or debt collections.
Why? Well, it’s important to us. Penalty fees, debt collection and even worse – defaulted payments – are all negative side effects of lending. To minimize this kind of personal damage, we assign a high priority to making responsible credit decisions. Read more.

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What if my customer makes a return or cancellation?

Customers can easily manage their returns in the Klarna App. All relevant information is easily accessible, and all actions (payment options, returns, questions, 24 hour chat) can be initiated from here. Once you have accepted your customer’s return or cancellation, Klarna will process their purchase amount within 5 business days. Their balance is simply updated and any remaining payments are adjusted accordingly.

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What are alternative payment methods?

Customers are moving away from exclusively using traditional payment methods such as debit and credit cards as new and improved services are being introduced. With the added perks of being fast and convenient, instant financing is quickly joining the ranks of mainstream payments. Unlike a traditional credit application, Klarna requires fewer details from the customer to process their application. This can be done easily on desktop or mobile and allows shoppers to pay for purchases over time. Instead of being constrained to strict terms, shoppers can choose to pay in a timeframe that works best for them, increasing the likelihood of completing a purchase.

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What requirements are there?

In order for a merchant to utilize Klarna’s payment options in the U.S., the merchant must meet the following requirements:
1. A registered business entity in the U.S.
2. A U.S. bank account to receive settlements
3. Entered into a merchant agreement directly with Klarna Inc.
There are no specific market regulations for merchants to offer credit in the U.S. market.

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