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Klarna Bank Account.

Banking. But smoooth.

The everyday, anywhere bank account that keeps up with you.

Banking that doesn't feel like banking.

Handle your finances intuitively with instant account top-ups, real-time transfers, and savings with competitive rates.

Get mindful about your money.

Save time and control your finances in real-time with a simple, straightforward overview. Money in. Money out. Money managed.

More flexibility.

We don't charge you monthly fees, or for spending aboard, or for 2 ATM withdrawals a month. It's your money - don't spend it all on bank fees.

A good reason to get started.

All our shopping affects the planet. When opening your bank account, you'll get the shiny Klarna Bank Card for your everyday shopping. Top it up and on your first purchase, we’ll donate €20 to nonprofit organizations working to protect the planet.

Banking that suits your lifestyle.

Move money instantly to the Klarna Bank Account from your existing bank to start banking right away. Instantly send money to friends. Send and schedule transfers with a few taps. Pay with your card, smartphone, or smartwatch. Get payment notifications to stay in the loop. It's all in your Klarna app.

Your personal financial sidekick.

Get sweet insights into where your money goes with the Klarna Bank Account. Check your transactions in a real-time. Set a monthly budget to keep your finances under control. Automatically categorize your transactions to track your spending with less effort. Get mindful about where your money goes.

Saving options for every saver.

Put your savings habit on cruise control with Pools. These sub-accounts include automated savings rituals and goal-setting to build financial habits. Get your money working for you with Klarna Locked Savings. Choose a term and lock in your money at some pretty nice interest rates—right from the Klarna app.

Yep, we’re a bank.

We are a fully licensed bank with a German branch. You get a German IBAN and a Visa debit card. Your deposits are insured*, and your data is secure. You get everything you’d expect from an old-school bank in one smoooth package.

This is a safe place.

The Klarna Bank Account blends innovative features with a high priority on security. Log in using a PIN or your biometrics. Pay with 3D Secure. Want it safer? Freeze and unfreeze your card in the Klarna app whenever you think you've lost it. Enable and disable contactless, online, or foreign payments to stay in control.

Is that a bank branch in your pocket?

Customer support is just a phone call or an instant message away. Reach someone from Klarna during business hours on weekdays. We're also available for chat 24/7 in the Klarna app. So, give us a ring or a ping if you need us.

Make your wallet shine.

Meet your Klarna Bank Card. It works wherever Visa is accepted—online, abroad, or just around the corner. Use it for 2 ATM withdrawals a month from your Klarna Bank Account, without extra charges from Klarna. Spend money on the things you love, not fees.

We're the real deal.

Klarna is a fully licensed bank, so you get a German IBAN, and your deposits are safe with us.

More flexibility.

We don't charge you monthly fees, for spending aboard, or for 2 ATM withdrawals a month. It's your money - don't spend it all on bank fees.

Access anywhere.

Some shopping here. A withdrawal there. Use your Klarna Bank Account anywhere Visa is accepted.

Pay your way, safely.

Get a Visa debit card. Connect it to Apple Pay or Google Pay. And keep it secure: Temporarily freeze it, permanently block, control how to pay with it.

Top-up in no time.

Add money to your Klarna Bank Account instantly. Get a real-time overview of what goes in and out. It’s banking that keeps up with you.

Give us a ping or a ring.

Need customer support? Call us during business hours to get an account manager on the phone or reach us by chat 24/7 in the Klarna app.

Questions? We have the answers.


The Klarna Bank Account is covered by the Swedish statutory Deposit Guarantee Scheme pursuant to a decision by the Swedish National Debt Office.

Legal documents

Information, terms and a collection of all legal documentation.

Customers trust Klarna.

Trustpilot 5 Sterne Bewertung

Anne, Trustpilot

Easy and uncomplicated! Always reminds you of open payments and allows you to stay organised, love it!

Trustpilot 5 Sterne Bewertung

Vincenzo, Trustpilot

Klarna has a really good service. By using the chat, a competent agent helps you within seconds. My problem was immediately solved.

Trustpilot 5 Sterne Bewertung

Caroline, Trustpilot

Excellent service, great, no problems at all, very helpful, chat room brilliant! Thanks so much!

Smart, safe, smoooth.

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