Fully licensed banking.

Your security is our highest priority so your funds are safe and your data's secure with us.

Klarna is a fully licensed bank, with offices in Sweden and Germany. Your funds are protected by the Swedish Deposit Guarantee Scheme up to 100.000 Euro.

Customer service 24/7

24/7 in-app chat support.

For any questions about your bank account, transactions or security, we have a team of experts ready to help around the clock. Chat us straight from the app.

Push notification

Banking. In real time.

The Klarna App sends you instant notifications for all your transactions. So you’re always up to date on where your money is.

Next level security.

Verified by visa
3D Secure

Advanced 3D Secure (3DS) technology is an additional security layer for online card transactions used by Visa. It means special protection against fraud, by adding an extra authentication step for online purchases

Touch ID, Face ID
Elevated authorization

Your money and bank account are protected at all times thanks to the exclusive log-in from your personal device combined with fingerprint or PIN authentication. Simply update your settings in the Klarna app.

visa card
Advanced controls

Whether it's stuck down the sofa or in your handbag, temporarily freeze your Klarna bank card. Then unfreeze it again later. Enable and disable contactless payments, online or abroad. Just head to card settings in the Klarna app.

More questions?

SCA stands for Strong Customer Authentication. It’s a European regulatory requirement that aims to increase the security of electronic payments.

SCA ensures that with every login or payment attempt, the identity of the user is verified based on at least two or all three of the following factors:

  • Unique personal knowledge: Something only the user knows (e.g., password, code, personal identification number).

  • Ownership: Something only the user possesses (e.g., token, smart card, cell phone).

  • Inherence: Something that the user is (e.g., biometrics, such as a fingerprint or face ID).

Your safety is very important us! To protect yourself against phishing and fraud, we recommend the following:

  • Never share your personal details, account information or passwords with anyone

  • Do not open links or appended files you have received from a sender you don’t know

  • Immediately block lost or stolen credit- or debit cards, as well as other means of payment

  • Immediately report any suspicious account activity and attempted fraud to Klarna

Remember: Klarna will never ask you to disclose your credit- or debit card number or any personal codes in an email, over the phone or via social media.

If you notice something out of the ordinary with your account or you believe you may be a victim of fraud, please contact our customer service as soon as possible. You can reach us 24/7 via chat or in the Klarna app. You can also call us at (+49) 0221 669 501 10 on weekdays between 08.00-20.00 and on weekends between 10.00-17.00.

Furthermore, please block your debit or credit cards as soon as possible, either through the channels above or directly in the Klarna App. If you would like to report fraud in the Klarna app please proceed as follows:

  1. If you believe you’re a victim of fraud you should report your case to the police

  2. Report fraud for the relevant purchase in the Klarna app or here. Use the “Report a problem” option in the purchase overview and select “I suspect identity theft”

  3. As soon as you reported the unauthorized transaction, we will block the services

  4. Make sure to leave your contact details so that our fraud department can reach you for further information. Make sure to regularly check your e-mails and stay available on phone.

You can quickly block your card here or in the Klarna app by selecting “Block card” in the settings, or by calling (+49) 0221 669 501 10.

If you are not sure you lost your card, we recommend turning on “Freeze card” to deactivate it temporarily. Once you’ve found it, you can simply “unfreeze” it and use the same card again.

Add a layer of security by customizing what your card can or can’t perform. Allow or forbid contactless payments, online payments, or foreign payments.

If you blocked your card, we recommend you check your purchases to ensure no unauthorized transactions have been made with your card details. If you do not recognize a Klarna transaction and believe you may be a victim of fraud, please contact our customer service via chat in the Klarna App.

Klarna Bank Account

Klarna Bank Account

Open your Klarna Bank Account.

The Klarna Bank Account is covered by the Swedish statutory Deposit Guarantee Scheme pursuant to a decision by the Swedish National Debt Office.
An account holder is entitled to reimbursement for aggregated total deposits in Klarna with an amount corresponding to a maximum of EUR 100,000. The Swedish National Debt Office shall pay the reimbursement within seven working days from the date the bank went into bankruptcy or the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority decided that the guarantee should enter into force.
In addition to this amount, account holders may, under certain conditions receive compensation for certain deposits attributable to special events, such as the sale of private residence, severance pay or insurance claims, with a maximum of SEK 5 million. A longer reimbursement period may then apply.

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