Klarna Pools

Klarna Pools

Start saving. Stay saving.

Sub-accounts that put your saving habit on cruise control.

We do the work for you.

Open your Pool, set a goal and an amount that works for you, then automate your saving ritual. Your Pools, your rules.

Get organized with 3 free Pools.

Manage your money with up to 3 free Pools in your Klarna Bank Account. No monthly charges. No hidden fees.

Save now. Buy later.

Shop where you save and get spending insights for more financial control — all in the Klarna app.

Make your saving habit stick with Pools.

Whether you're saving for a big purchase, a sunny vacation, or a rainy-day fund, organize your goals with up to 3 free Pools and get hooked on saving. These sub-accounts in the Klarna Bank Account use automated savings rituals and goal-setting to help you consistently set aside money.

Saving should be as easy as spending.

Pools make starting healthy savings habits simple. How?

  1. Go to your Klarna Bank Account in the Klarna app
  2. Open your new Pool in seconds
  3. Set a goal, even 1 euro
  4. Choose a saving ritual, like rounding up purchases or setting an automatic transfer
  5. Get back to your thing while the savings flow into your Pool

Setting a goal keeps you motivated. Starting with an amount that works for you keeps saving easy. Automating the ritual keeps your saving habitual.

Banking that doesn’t feel like banking.

Meet a bank account that keeps up with you. Sign-up quickly and add, send and save money instantly. Pay with your card, smartphone, or smartwatch, wherever. There are no running charges or hidden fees. Call or chat with us anytime when you need to. It's all a tap away in your Klarna app.

Sit back and enjoy the overview.

Save and manage your money where you shop—in the Klarna app. Easily follow all your money's ins and outs with the Financial Overview. With a few taps, set budget limits, track your spending over the months, analyze expenses, and save with confidence. Money in. Money out. Money managed.

Questions? We have the answers.

Klarna Pools

Your savings habit builder.