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A 200% increase in conversions

Gravity Blankets has engineered a better night’s sleep through science by creating an innovative product that people love. In this case study, you’ll learn how flexible payment options reduced the barrier to checkout, and increased confidence and conversions among shoppers.

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“Klarna’s Pay in 4 installments option was a key contributor to our 2018 holiday success and a great new addition to our core consumer value proposition. We look forward to continuing our ecommerce partnership to further growth and deliver a payment experience as smooth as a good night’s sleep.”

Mike Grillo, CEO

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Stepping up sales volumes

Fine leather shoecrafter, Rancourt & Co., takes pride in providing exceptional quality and service of their hand-sewn moccasins, shoes, and boots. Striving to stand apart from online competition, Rancourt partnered with Klarna, to introduce shoppers to flexible payment options including free installments and pay after delivery. In return, they experienced:

a 47% increase in checkout conversions

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“The uplift we’ve seen from Klarna is incredible. They allow shoppers to feel in control of their purchasing, without paying the full price up front. Smashing this barrier has undoubtedly helped to boost our buyers’ confidence, leading to greater sales.”

Kyle Rancourt, VP Brand Management

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A major win for sales

TaylorMade is an American manufacturer of golf clubs, bags and accessories, including the #1 driver in golf. Using Klarna’s upgrade capability, TaylorMade partnered with Klarna to create “The Turn” – an innovative subscription program that gives customers the latest irons and drivers by slicing up the total cost into manageable monthly payments resulting in:

60% increase in AOV and 40% increase in conversions

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“We launched ‘The Turn’ around the start of the golf season. In the weeks that followed, it was clear that we were already surpassing all sales expectations.”

John Gonsalves, Vice President – Direct to Consumer & Digital

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45% increase in average order value

Lenovo is a leading provider of innovative consumer, commercial, and enterprise technology. The company understands that consumers expect their devices to be customized to their usage habits, whether at home, in the office, or on the go.

Lenovo strives to offer customers an exceptional and hassle-free buying experience. This led to the company’s integration with Klarna, to offer instant financing options at checkout. The results?

a 45% increase in Average order value

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“It was quite impressive how our two businesses were able to come together to get the program launched before the holiday season to drive incremental sales during this critical period.”

– Gianfranco Lanci, Chief Operating Officer, Lenovo

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A smoooth ride to uplift in sales

Onewheel, a self-balancing, electric board, aims to bridge the gap between transportation and recreation. This revolutionary new way to move through the world gives riders an incredibly smooth and enjoyable experience.  Aware that customers sought financing options, Onewheel chose to team up with Klarna to offer easy, flexible installment payments. Through this partnership, Onewheel soon saw:

1.5x more customers choosing financing and a 15% lift in total sales

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“Our overall Klarna integration and deployment experience
was definitely five star. It was pretty easy technically and the
Klarna support was amazing!”

– Kyle Doerksen, Founder and CEO

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ZenPro Audio doubles average order value with Klarna

ZenPro Audio is a recording studio gear retailer with customers around the globe. Since launching in March 2009, ZenPro Audio has earned more than $10M in revenue and are seeing new success with Klarna, which allows customers to pay with low interest financing for the brand’s big-ticket products. As a result, ZenPro Audio has experienced:

100% increase in AOV and 90.6% increase in customers YOY

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“Orders paid for with Klarna are over 100% higher in value versus orders paid by credit card or other payment methods, so we double the order size. It has put us on a competing level with enormous big-box sellers who offer instant credit.”

– Warren Dent, Founder

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Pushing the boundaries of innovation and consumer convenience

Maintaining global retailing leadership on both the high street and for online shopping, means that Arcadia is always pushing the boundaries of innovation and consumer convenience.

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“Being able to ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ at the click of a button empowers our customers to shop however and whenever they want. Revolutionising our approach to purchasing and paying will help us boost conversion rates and ensure our customers remain our brands’ biggest fans”

– Richard Burchill, Head of card services

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