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How do I troubleshoot Shopify errors?

Klarna is connected but you can’t use it to accept payments” error

You may receive this error: ‘Klarna is connected but you can’t use it to accept payments because you haven’t finished setting up your account or it is still being approved.’ This error is most often caused by the Klarna API credentials not connecting properly during the integration process. Try following the steps in the Integration Guides section of the Merchant Portal again from the beginning. You’ll want to see a green success message during the “Test” step. If this does not work, please contact our Merchant Support team for assistance.

“Option Not Available” error

This message means that this customer is unable to use Klarna at this time. This may be due to a variety of reasons, including:

  • Wrong country. Only customers in countries where the merchant is registered with Klarna will be able to complete an order. (e.g. If a merchant signs up for Klarna US, only customers with US billing addresses will be able to use Klarna on that store’s website.)
  • Wrong currency selected. Klarna is only able to accept purchases in the same currency as the Shopify store’s base currency.
  • Wrong location. Not all Klarna products are available in all states. The customer may be using a billing address located in a restricted area.

Fulfillment error email from Shopify

If you’ve received an email informing you that ‘A fulfillment action for Shopify order XXX/ Klarna order ID XXX for store NXXXXX has resulted in an error‘, it means that fulfillment for that order has failed. This is typically because the order status in Shopify does not match the order status in Klarna. The order may already be captured in the Klarna Merchant Portal, or the order may have expired.  Please review the order in both your Shopify admin tool and the Klarna Merchant Portal to determine the cause of the error. 

These are some common errors. For other known constraints, please visit our Docs website here.

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