If you have received an SMS request to confirm your verification code on behalf of customer service, please reach out to Klarna immediately via the app. Verification codes should never be shared.

The integration is not working. What should I do?

If your integration is not working, start by checking the following:

  • The test mode is switched off
  • Klarna API credentials are entered in the correct place in your plug-in
  • You have the correct version of the Klarna plug-in installed

If you can’t see Klarna’s iframe, it might be due to:

  • Klarna’s plugin is not being activated
  • The page with terms and conditions is not linked
  • Another plug-in is disrupting Klarna’s plug-in
  • The design of your webshop, meaning your theme, is not compatible with Klarna’s plug-in

Need more help? Contact our Merchant support.

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